What the Fuck is Wrong With Antonio Brown?!

If this guy hasn’t been in the media enough over the last week, here is the worst story yet. Antonio Brown has been accused of sexually assaulting his former trainer. Of course he denies the accusation, but the accusations at all bring another black cloud over a guy who has been covered in black clouds his whole fucking career.

Antonio what the fuck are you doing?! Get your fucking life together bro. First you weasel your way out of Pittsburgh by acting like a bitch, then you get traded to Oakland and scheme your way out of Oakland using social media, and now this. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! You are without a doubt one of the biggest fucking idiots that the world of sports has ever seen!

This would absolutely be a nail in the coffin for his NFL career and if true, then good fucking riddance! You are a complete fucking scumbag and do not deserve to be in the NFL. We will keep an eye on the details that come out over the next couple of days, but god fucking damn man! This guy is a walking fucking disaster!

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