On This Day in History…It Was Way Bigger Than Sports

September 11 is a day that will always be bigger than sports. It is a day that will forever be ingrained into the memories of millions of Americans. It is a day that we put aside everything to remember and honor the 2,977 innocent people that lost their lives that day.

September 11th 2001 changed the world forever. What happened on that Tuesday morning changed how people said good night to each other. It changed how people traveled. It changed how millions of people lived their lives on a day to day basis. 19 terrorists hijacked 5 planes with plans to attack 4 destinations. This day would alter American history for the rest of time.

It is for sure a day I will never forget. It was a Tuesday morning and I was a 5th grader at Sacred Heart School on Staten Island, New York. It was a normal morning as school had just started a few days prior. My mom dropped us off at school on her way to work and it started just like every other day. After about 2 hours everything changed. Kids started getting picked up from school left and right. In the first hour about a quarter of the class had been picked up by their parents. By lunchtime, half the school had been picked up and I will never forget hearing it for the first time. A friend of mine whose mom had just arrived to pick him up came running to the cafeteria and told all of us that the Twin Towers had been hit by planes and collapsed. At first I didn’t believe it. Nothing could knock down the Twin Towers. They were the tallest buildings in the country and they were indestructible.

After lunch, that was obviously the only topic any of the kids wanted to talk about. How could it happen? Who would have done that to the Twin Towers? Kids were continuing to be picked up by their parents, and as my mom was at work as a nurse, I figured I would not be picked up. I was one of the last ones there but my mom eventually came to get my brother, sister, and me. She wouldn’t tell us what happened. As a 10 year old I thought I was old enough to know this kind of stuff, but my sister was only 8 and my brother 7, so I knew it would make her upset to have to tell them.

We were in the process of moving so we were staying with a friend while we waited for our new apartment to be move in ready. When we arrived at the house, we walked through the door and we all saw the TV. It was the first thing we saw walking through the door and I will never forget the feeling that ran through my body the moment I saw what happened. My stomach dropped as far as it could drop, I had goosebumps down to my bones and I was speechless. We were all speechless. It was like something out of a movie. It was the worst thing I had ever seen or been apart of in any way, shape, or form. How could anyone do this?! How could anyone fly a fucking plane into the Twin Towers?! It was inconceivable in my mind that somebody would do it on purpose. Then we see the story of the plane flying into the Pentagon as well. Then another story about a plane crashing in Pennsylvania on its way to the White House. This was one of the worst fucking things I had ever seen.

That night was extremely weird. It was obviously the only thing on any TVs anywhere, and I knew what happened, but I could not understand anything that was being said on the TV. I had no idea why anyone would do this to us. At that point in my life I was unsure of how and why that entire day went down.

Now, at 28, I can remember and comprehend almost everything that happened that day. Kids were being pulled from school because their parents were afraid, the weird color of the sky was smoke that was coming from the buildings, and schools were closed for the next couple of days because so many people were involved in this horrific incident that people needed a few days to gather themselves and make sure everyone was ok. Almost every fireman and cop in the city was their that day, risking their lives to save everything and everyone they could. Random citizens were doing the same thing. All to help whatever and whoever they could in those trying moments. I can see now, the fear that was put into the biggest city in the world for a single day.

That single day was all that the fear lasted though. The next day was the strongest day in American history. Nobody was scared anymore. New Yorkers were angry that someone would fuck with this country like that. We would not let them put fear into us, we would come back from this bigger and better, but we would absolutely never forget what had been done to us. We would never forget the ultimate sacrifice that some people made that day. We would never forget the families of every single person who lost their life that day. This day will forever live on and the memory of all of those people will never be forgotten!

Please take a minute today to remember that some people lost everything that day. Continue to honor their memories by being AMERICAN STRONG. Do not let the hate get to you and do not ever forget where you come from!

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