The NCAA Board is Full of Greedy Scumbags

Should college athletes have some outlet for earning money? The simple answer is abso-fucking-lutely! The NCAA is probably the most crooked organization in the entire fucking world. The greediest assholes run the NCAA and all they care about is earning money based off of what the athletes do. These athletes are the reason that the NCAA brought in about A BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS in revenue last year! Not Mark Emmert, that fucking chode! He doesn’t do jack shit for anyone but himself and his bitch ass colleagues.

This chart shows about how much each athlete from each school would make if they could be paid.

The deal is that if an athlete is a member of an NCAA organization, they cannot earn money off of themselves. That means they cannot have jerseys or T-shirts with their name on it or anything like that. Well with how totally fucked up California, they actually got something right. They proposed a bill that would allow NCAA athletes in that state to earn money off of their name. So even though the NCAA would not technically be paying the players, the college athletes would be allowed to negotiate sponsorships and other things like that to earn money based on their accomplishments and marketability.

Now there is plenty of legal shit thrown in this bill that could screw this whole thing up, but the fact that a bill has been proposed, and passed is a step in the right direction. What is real shitty about this bill though is that the NCAA just sent a letter to California urging them to deny the bill. There are a few things in the bill that would require California schools to reject NCAA rules. This makes the big bad NCAA real fucking mad so they sent this letter. The bottom line is that the NCAA Board of Governors is full of fucking scumbags! They are greedy fucking rats, but the best part of this is that the NCAA would not have to pay the athletes! The NCAA states that it wants it done one a national level, not on a state by state case. The NCAA wants to own and control all of the athletes and it is absolutely fucking sick!

The amount of revenue generated by college athletes is fucking insane, and the fact that they don’t see any of it is absolutely insane! It’s harder for football players, but I don’t understand why more basketball players don’t go overseas somewhere to play. They would get paid over there, and they will play against better competition to get them ready.

We don’t have to make these kids millionaires, but a nice stipend for them is more than fucking fair. As a college athlete there is no time to work to make money. There is really no time for anything as a college athlete which is why you see so many scandals about cheating and shit like that. The school does not pay for these kids to go to school, they pay for these kids to play sports and earn money for the school. All athletic scholarships are investments for the school and the athletes get no fucking compensation for it. It is time for something to change.

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