On This Day in Sports History…The Strikeout Record is Set!

Back in the day in Major League Baseball, there were no such things as pitch counts or anything like that. Pitchers just pitched until they could not anymore. That is how, on September 12th 1962, Tom Cheney of the Washington Senators struck out 21 batters setting an MLB record that still stands today. Cheney would go on to give up one run and get the win that day as Cheney’s teammate hit a walk off HR to secure a win for the Senators.

It might diminish the record to some, but in my mind it is even more amazing that Cheney did this in 16 innings of work! 16 FUCKING INNINGS! Nowadays pitchers struggle to get through 7 innings! Pitch counts and analytics have take a whole lot of power from starting pitchers. Cheney threw 228 pitches in this game! Starting pitchers today are being taken out before they even get to 100 pitches, and Cheney threw 228 in a 16 inning game. That is an accomplishment in itself, but striking out 21 batters puts the icing on the cake. What a fucking performance!

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