Team USA Humiliates Themselves at the FIBA World Cup

When it comes to sports period, very few teams or people are as dominant as the United States Men’s National Basketball team. Since Team USA has been using NBA players, they have been virtually unbeatable. Every tournament usually ends in a Gold Medal or victory for them while they run into very little trouble along the way. Of course you have your disappointments like the 2004 Olympics and 2002 FIBA World Cup.

This year, even without the top tier superstars, the USA was an enormous favorite to win this tournament. They still had Kemba, Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Donovan Mitchell, and they were coached by Pop. This team should have easily run through this tournament with all the talent they had. Add in the fact that they were coached by maybe the greatest basketball mind of all time and it was a no brainer.

Then the tournament actually started. The first game was a sign for all people paying attention to this tournament that it would not go well. They almost lost to Turkey, but wound up beating them in OT. Then they cruised through the next couple of games. Finally, they run into France. A team composed of a few NBA players, with Rudy Gobert being the only real threat. Well France really dominated Team USA from start to finish. Gobert and Evan Fournier both finished with 20+ points to knock Team USA out in the quarterfinals. What a shitshow right? How could it get worse than losing to France in the QFs?

Enter Serbia. Serbia had been talking plenty of shit entering this tournament and it seemed like destiny that Serbia would face USA in the Gold Medal Game. They are the two most talented teams in the tournament and they were on a collision course. Well they did meet, except it was in the 5th place game, and Serbia fucking dominated! At the end of the first quarter they were up 32-9 on USA. They had a 23 point lead at the end of 1 quarter! It was an embarrassment for Team USA and something that will haunt these guys for a long time.

The results better be different at the Olympics next year, because this was fucking embarrassing and it cannot happen again!

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