Arkansas Razorbacks must win vs. Colorado State!

Its pretty straight forward. WIN THE GAME. Arkansas has been booty butt cheeks on offense thru two games. Fans are edging just thinking about the possibilities of a little bit of down field action with newly appointed QB1 Nick Starkel. Former QB Tyler Wilson said on the “Morning Rush” that he sees a gun slinger with Nick Starkel and feels he needs to “gamble” this week…throw the ball you have the ability. This is what Arkansas needs…someone to not be scared…to make a few mistakes…but few more home runs…With Starkel controlling the reigns it should free up Rakeem “The Dream” Boyd to break off a few 10 spotters and get over the century mark. Keep a defense honest and not load the box up to stop #5. If our offense can control the ball and the tempo of the game our defense will benefit big time. When our D is fresh and not playing 80% of the game they are actually pretty fucking great. Kam Curl is a force to be reckoned with and will be a possible all SEC talent by the end of the year. Sosa is the man and a human wrecking ball in the middle of the defense and i predict he will keep on keeping on this week. I went a little more in depth on the matchups and my keys to victory in my video (See below).

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