My Introduction to Unfiltered Sports

Let’s start by just getting the obvious out of the way. Yes, I am a woman. Yes, I know this a sports page. Now that we got that out of the way, HI ALL my name is Caitlin Muth and I am new to writing on Unfiltered Sports. I got to start by saying I have been subscribed to Unfiltered Sports since day one! I am a true Chicago sports fan, no joke. I bleed Cubbie blue, by far my favorite team hands down. I grew up with some of my favorite memories going to historic Wrigley with my neighbors. The field is something I cannot get out of my mind and I look forward to the day i can share that with my husband and our daughter. Aside from the Cubs, I was raised a Bears fan, Blackhawks fan, and yes the Bulls. Any one heard of the Chicago Bandits….no? They are a professional softball team, and for me that’s a big deal considering I grew up on the sport. It was amazing having one of six professional softball teams close to my hometown! Anywho I will cut this intro post short, but I am excited to share my perspective on sports because I grew up watching any sport I could with my dad, and I hope more ladies want to join in on some Unfiltered Sports! Follow Unfiltered Sports for some crazy shit!!!

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