On This Day in Sports History…No More Baseball

On September 14th 1994 the longest strike in professional sports (at the time) takes a turn for the worse as the owners unanimously vote to cancel the rest of the 1994 MLB season.

The strike officially started on August 12th 1994. The owners wanted to set a salary cap in the league which would limit how much teams could spend on their players. Obviously, the players did not like this idea and decided to stop playing baseball until a salary cap was completely off the table. On this date 25 years ago, the owners officially canceled the rest of the 1994 season as negotiations with the players were not going anywhere.

The strike lasted 232 days and finally came to a resolution on April 2nd 1995. The teams would go on to play a shortened 144 game schedule in 1995 rather than 162 games. Either way, the strike had a major impact on baseball and it will forever be a black eye for the MLB.

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