The ACC is Absolute GARBAGE!

Conference rivalries are always a thing. Fans of every team from every conference think that their conference is the best and the toughest to get through. Well let me tell you something about the ACC. THEY FUCKING BLOWWWW!

It all started last night when Boston College got blown the fuck out by Kansas. FUCKING KANSAS! Kansas who had not beaten a Power 5 opponent on the road since the Revolution! They got shutout out in the second half by a team that is 6-30 in the last 3 years! What a fucking joke!

Then today VT and GT had some cakewalk games in the nonconference. PSYCHE!!! VT at one point was down by 11 in the second half…TO FURMAN!! FUCKING FURMAN! They came back and won by a touchdown, but a piss poor performance from a team looking to compete this year. GT on the other hand had The Citadel come to town. I don’t know how much GT paid them, but it was not fucking worth it. The Citadel marched right into GT and beat the fucking Yellow Jackets. The best part about these two shit fucking teams is that both of these games were at home! Both of them played 1 TD games against fucking FCS teams! It’s fucking insane!

Don’t even get me started with fucking Miami! Manny Diaz was supposed to turn that program around, but that program should have him turn his ass around before he can’t find another fucking coaching job. They might get their first W of the season today if they can hold off Bethune-Cookman. Bethune-Cookman!! They are currently playing with Miami! It looks like they will pull a win out, but at home against Bethune-Cookman should not be a remotely close fucking game.

NC State? Blown out by WVU this afternoon. Lost by fucking 17 and gave up 44 points. How about Syracuse? Oh they got blown the fuck out by Maryland last week. Well Maryland is real good right? WRONG! Maryland lost to fucking Temple. Syracuse fucking blows too!

We already know the fucking embarrassment that Florida St. is this year. It really is fucking terrible that a program with the history that FSU has can be such a complete fucking joke now. They even got the big name coach after Jumbo bounced. Willie Taggert obviously isn’t changing this sinking ship and FSU might just be fucked for the next few years.

The only two teams worth a shit are Clemson and Virginia. Who knows with UVA though. Their 2 wins are against shitty fucking Pitt and shitty William & Mary.

Now, I’m not saying Clemson is not one of the best, if not the best, team in the country, but would they go undefeated if they played an SEC schedule? They play all of these shitty fucking teams this year almost guaranteeing them a spot in the Playoff. Yeah they played Texas A&M, but that was at home and it may be the only ranked team they play all year! They are great, don’t get me wrong, but they have a real fucking easy path to the CFP.

The Pac-12 fuckin blows too but we already know that. I know it’s all about fucking money, but something needs to be done about conferences and how imbalanced they are.

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