Death by DraftKings-Week 2

The beauty of daily fantasy is picking one shitty team is only one week of fucking misery. Well that was last week for me. Mike Evans did not do shit, Todd Gurley pretty much got benched after saying he was “gOoD tO gO”, and it was just a complete fucking shitshow for my DraftKings lineup last week. Do not judge me off of last week I know what the fuck I’m doing. Kind of.

Patrick Mahomes-He will miss Tyreek Hill, but not that much. It’s going to be a shoot-out with Oakland and Mahomes is bound to go fucking crazy! First time I have ever gotten the most expensive QB so it better fuckin pay off.

Kerryon Johnson-He is so fucking talented, but Matt Patricia is a fucking chode and will not give him a full compliment of fucking carries. It won’t completely change tomorrow, but it will move in the right direction. Mack gashed the Chargers last week and Kerryon will be looking to do the same.

LeSean McCoy-McCoy looked like he hasn’t lost a fucking step last week. He did not dominate carries but he looked fucking great on the carries he did get. I think that carries over and his old ass will get plenty of chances in this shootout.

Will Fuller-Jalen Ramsey will be shadowing Hopkins and the Jags might be missing AJ Bouye. Even if Bouye plays, Fuller has taken some big fucking steps and is looking to establish himself as the best #2 receiver in football.

Josh Gordon-His TD last week was all I needed to see to know that he still fucking has it. At his best he is one of the most talented receivers in the league. I think he is fully back and he is about to fuck Miami up real bad.

2nd play in video

Robert Woods-In another shoot-out Woods is excited to get home Jared Goff this week against the Saints. I think the Rams might drop a fuckin 50 piece tomorrow.

Jimmy Graham-Jimmy is fucking back baby! I dont know what the fuck was wrong with him last year but he is ready to get back to his old self this year.

Alvin Kamara-The Rams have Donald, but we all saw what CMC did to them. Kamara is going to replicate that in a high scoring game.

Bengals D/ST-San Fran did not travel back home this week. They stayed in Ohio and that is going to be bad news for them. They already did not look great last week and Cincy looked better than expected in Seattle.

Get your lineups in and get ready to make some fucking money! This one is fullproof!

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