The 5 Biggest Surprises After Week 2 in the NFL

It seemed like so long ago that we impatiently awaited the start of the 100th football season. Counting down the days until opening kickoff is an annual tradition for many of us. Well Week 1 came and went and now Week 2 is almost in the books as well. Whether good or bad there have been plenty of surprises to take from the first 2 weeks.

1-The Buffalo Bills Own New York-The Bills came into this season with a second year QB and expectations of finishing 3rd, maybe 2nd in the AFC East. They started their season with 2 road games. Both of them, however, were at the same stadium. The Jets in Week 1 and the Giants in Week 2 awaited the Bills at MetLife Stadium. The Bills came down from Buffalo and completely fucking took over the state of NY. They did not play well in Week 1, but they were playing the Jets so all they had to do was wait for the Jets to fucking implode and that is exactly what happened. Then they straight dominated the Giants in Week 2 with that insane defense. They forced Eli into 2 picks and held the Giants to 14 points. Only one NY team is 2-0 and it is sure as shit not the fucking Jets or Giants. It’s the goddamn Buffalo Bills.

2-Lamar Jackson is Currently in the MVP Discussion-Absolutely fucking nobody knew that Lamar Jackson was going to come out of the gates like this. People thought he would be better, but nobody expected this from him. He has right around 600 yards through the air, 7 passing TDs, and 126 rushing yards to go with it. He has also not turned the ball over yet. His performance has the whole league on notice, because if he can continue throwing the ball like this, he is going to be a fucking problem.

3-The Panthers are Totally Fucked-All offseason all the talk surrounding the Panthers was Cam Newton’s health. Well heading into training camp Cam and Ron Rivera shut it down saying Cam was good to go. Then he got hurt in the preseason but even after that they stuck to their story that he was good to. NEWSFLASH: CAM NEWTON IS NOT FUCKING GOOD TO GO! I don’t know who the fuck that is playing QB for the Panthers, but it’s not Cam Newton. He looks like a shell of himself and it is extremely hard to watch. He cannot throw the ball downfield and he does not move close to like he used to. That is going to be a problem for this team all season long. Teams will catch on and adjust accordingly.

4-The NFC West May Be the Best Division in Football-Everyone knew the Rams were going to be good and compete in the NFC this year. It was up in the air for the Seahawks, and nobody really knew what we were getting with the 49ers in Jimmy G.’s first season. Well all 3 of those teams are 2-0 and all 3 have looked pretty good doing it. Even the Cardinals have been extremely competitive in both of their games jumping out to an 0-1-1 start. If these teams keep winning, which they all have the talent to do, this is going to be an extremely fun race to watch!

5-The Colts May Win the AFC South After Losing Andrew Luck-Let’s be honest, the AFC South teams have, for the most part, looked like shit. The Texans played real good in Week 1, but regressed horribly in Week 2. The Titans and Colts both looked to have regressed in Week 2 as well. This division is going to be a battle and the Colts have just as much talent on both sides of the ball as any team in this division. It will be interesting to see because the divisional games will mean a whole lot more because I think 9 wins may win this division again.

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