We Have Two 20 Point Underdogs This Week!

Vegas is usually really good at making these lines, which is why gambling is such a rush. Every game is usually a close call and you very rarely win a bet with ease. So when Vegas sets not one, but two spreads at over 20 points, it really surprises you. This is the first time since 1987 that there have been two 20 point dogs in the same week and you will never guess who the two teams are.

The Miami Dolphins travel to Dallas this week after getting outscored in their first 2 games by 92 points. An NFL team has been outscored by 92 FUCKING POINTS in their first 2 games of the season. That is absolutely embarrassing! The Dolphins have not competed in the slightest in their first 2 contests and they are on pace to be historically bad. That is why they enter this game as 21 point underdogs. The Dolphins are an NFL team and they are expected to lose this game by around 3 TDs. This is the eighth biggest point spread in the Super Bowl Era.

The Dolphins are on pace to be one of the worst teams we have ever seen in the NFL. No team has been outscored by 92 points in their first 2 games in 45 years! It does not get easier for them either as they get the Cowboys this week and they still have to travel to New England for a game in which they will probably get fucking stomped 77-0. Poor Brian Flores man. The guy had a great gig in NE. He bounces for a head coaching job and it turns out he took the worst job the NFL has ever had to offer. Sorry about your life man.

The best part about that spread is that it is not even the biggest spread of the week. The Jets, after getting fucking humiliated on MNF, head into New England for their Week 3 game as 22.5 point underdogs. 22.5 FUCKING POINTS!! This is a team that has Jamal Adams and Leveon Bell, and they are still almost 23 point underdogs! That is the 6th biggest spread of all time. (The largest spread in NFL history was 27. The Steelers were 27 point favorites against the expansion Buccaneers in 1976.) If that doesn’t tell you about the state of this fucking team then I don’t know what will. They head into this matchup with Luke Falk as their QB1 which doesn’t seem near as bad as Trevor Siemian after watching them both last night. Falk actually got the offense moving a little bit while Siemian made a case for never being on an NFL team again.

The Jets were supposed to be a team that competed for a playoff spot this year. How the fuck did we go from that to cancelling the rest of the fucking season after Week 2?! Only 1 NFL team can fit into that storyline and it is the goddamn Jets! The Jets are the only team that can have all this talent and then find a way to still be the fucking butt of every single joke. Well this is not a joke, the Jets are fuckin toast along with the Dolphins. Both these teams may only win 1 game this year and that 1 win will be the home game they play against each other. What a fucking joke!

But still bet them on the spreads this week! Jets only lose by 20 and Dolphins only lose by 17.

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