Fantasy Football GOATs & Chodes-Week 3

Last week was an OK week. There were some that I hit on like Brady and Michel as GOATS, but I also definitely missed on some like Jimmy G. and Davante as Chodes. Adams completely dominated Rhodes and had over 100 yards while Jimmy G. was QB6 this week. Hopefully this week won’t make look like too much of an asshole.


Jameis Winston-I know, I know Jameis fuckin blows, but believe me, the Giants defense blows even more! Josh Allen and Dak have both been top 7 QBs in the week they played the Giants. Winston seems to be taking care of the ball and I like him to throw a couple TDs this week.

Jacoby Brissett-Brissett has looked pretty solid through 2 weeks and Atlanta does not have the most stout of defenses. Kirk only threw 10 passes in Week 1 and still managed 15 points against them. He should take some shots with TY this week and should find some success with that.


David Montgomery-Montgomery was used as a featured back in Week 2 and he will only get more as the season goes on. After 18 carries in Week 2 the Bears get Washington’s sorry ass defense in Week 3.

Devin Singletary-The 49ers ran ALL OVER the booty Bengals defense in Week 2. He is still getting outcarried by Gore, but that won’t last long because Gore fucking sucks and Singletary has been running circles around him. If the Bills want to stay unbeaten, they will make sure Singletary gets at least 10-15 carries.


Mecole Hardman-He had a good day in Week 2, but was a holding penalty away from having a HUGE DAY! With Hill out, Robinson was the go-to guy last week, but it will be Hardman this week.

Marquise Brown-I was a little skeptical of Hollywood after Week 1, only because of the target share. It is clear after week 2 that he is the WR1 on this team and they will need him to be at his best against the Chiefs. I think he’s up for the task.


OJ Howard-A breakout party is coming for Howard, and what better week to have it than this week against the shitty fucking Giants! He will find the seams and Jameis will find him.

Vance McDonald-Mason Rudolph is going to need someone to consistently get open on routes under 10 yards and that is exactly what McDonald will do. Rudolph will lean on the TE heavily to move the chains.


NE Patriots

Dallas Cowboys

These 2 don’t need any explanations except that the Pats are playing the Jets, who are down to their 3rd string QB, and the Cowboys are playing the Dolphins who are the worst fucking team we have seen in the last decade.

QB Chodes

Deshaun Watson-This has more to do with the Texans fucking awful OL. He has no time to throw and the Chargers DL is going to be all over him forcing him into rushed throws. Bad day for Deshaun.

For the most part all other QBs have decent matchups and I don’t really dislike any of the top 16 other than Watson.

RB Chodes

Alvin Kamara-Seattle has shut down two of the top RBs in the first two weeks of the season. No Drew Brees means the volume will be there, but teams may stack the box until Teddy gets going and it’s going to be rough running for Kamara.

Leveon Bell-The Pats have a top 3 defense in the NFL, the Jets are on a 3rd string QB and they probably won’t score and if they do it will be garbage time. Pats are going to focus on stopping Bell because he is the only one on that team that can do shit on offense. The Pats are not the Browns and he will not find holes like he did on Monday.

WR Chodes

Amari Cooper-The Dolphins fucking blow, but they do have Xavien Howard, and the Cowboys have plenty of weapons to choose from. Cooper will not be one of them.

Juju Smith-Schuster-An unproven QB against what seems to be a really good defense means a rough week for Juju. The 49ers will have a week to review tape and they will be coming for Rudolph’s ass! Juju will suffer because of it.

TE Chodes

Austin Hooper-Indy has gotten some pretty good coverage play up the seams from LBs and safeties. Hooper had only 6 targets in Week 2 and that won’t be enough to make an impact against a solid D in Week 3.

D/ST Chodes

Tennessee Titans-The Titans defense has looked good, but I think Gardner comes in and fucks some shit up this week. I think he will take care of the ball and get rid of it quickly really taking away all sack and Int opportunities.

Carolina Panther-Kyler is going to have himself a fuckin day against Carolina. Now Cam is not expected to play and this defense is going to spend a lot of time on the field and struggle while they’re at it.

Until next week! Take these to a victory!

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