On This Day in Sports History…The Bears Only Need a Safety for the Win

The Bears and Packers rivalry dates all the way back to the 1920s. You would be hardpressed to find a type of game they have not played in. They have played in shootouts, slugfests, and every other type of game you can imagine. This game though, was the second of this kind between the two teams, and the last time it ever happened.

On September 18th 1938 the Bears played the Packers in Week 2 of the 1938 season. Both teams, coached by fucking legends (Curly Lambeau for the Pakcers and George Halas for the Bears), started the season 1-0. For 3 quarters the game remained scoreless, until the Packers long snapper fucked up a snap to the punter. The punter grabbed the ball in the end zone but was tackled for a safety giving Chicago the first points of the game. Green Bay would obviously not go on to score leading to the Bears winning 2-0.

No game since this one has ended in a 2-0 score and I can almost guarantee that no other game ever will. Can you imagine the fans sitting through a fucking 2-0 game nowadays? People complained about the fucking Super Bowl last year because it “wasn’t entertaining” because the score was only 10-3. Gone are the days where low scoring slugfests are fun for fans to watch.

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