Jamal Adams Wants All the Smoke From the NFL!

Jamal Adams has very quickly become one of the best safeties in the NFL. He is absolutely fucking electric and he plays with this fucking fire inside him that every fan loves to see from their team leaders. With this fire that he plays with comes a few penalties that I am sure most Jet fans have come to accept. I know that I am pefectly fine with Jamal lighting some asshole up to send a message even if it results in a penalty.

Well that happened the other night. On MNF Jamal lit up Baker Mayfield a little late and received a penalty. I get it, the Jets were down, the offense fuckin sucked and he was trying to get the team going. That’s fine. What is not fine, particularly with Jamal, is the $21K fine he received two days later. He expressed his displeasure with one of the greatest tweets we have ever seen.

He completely calls out the pussification of the NFL and is begging for all the smoke from Goodell. Jamal Adams does not give a fuck what anyone thinks and I fucking love it! The Jets absolutely need to lock him up forever! He just unfollowed the Jets on all his social media and the Jets need to fix whatever the fuck they did wrong. This guy is the face of this defense and the Jets need to accomodate him at all costs.

He was benched on Monday night which may have led to the social media thing, and the Jets need to just not pull that shit again. Do not bench your best defensive player while he is still busting his ass down 20 fucking points. That is just not something smart franchises do. Then again, the Jets have proven to not be a smart franchise time and time again. Just please do not fuck this up. We need this guy and if the Jets do not fix whatever is wrong, he is going to bounce!

Whatever the case may be, this is an all time tweet at the NFL.

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