College Gameday Location Pick’em-Athens, Georgia

Well it’s safe to say that, yet again, College Gameday did not disappoint last weekend! We had one of the best stories of the year so far come from a Gameday sign! Old boy from Iowa St. got $36K after asking for beer money, kept $26 to buy his case, and donated the rest to charity. Plus after some organizations have matched his donation, the total going to his charity is up to over $400K. That is what it’s all about!

As for the game, it was a fucking marathon. It ended with one of the most boneheaded fucking plays you will ever see and Iowa came out of Ames with a win. I thought ISU would pull the upset at home but it just didn’t happen.

Athens, Georgia
#7 Notre Dame @ #3 Georgia

A rematch of one of the better CFB games of the 2017 season, this game headlines 3 ranked matchups this weekend. Michigan travels to Wisconsin and Auburn travels to Texas A&M. This is the biggest matchup with the most playoff implication. If Notre Dame loses, they are out no questions asked. Notre Dame has to go undefeated to make the CFP. If Georgia loses, they are still in the conversation but they will have to run the table in the SEC plus the SEC Championship game. They are definitely talented enough to do it, but it’s not something you want to worry about after Week 4.

Georgia comes into this matchup with all the hype. They have Jake Fromm, D’Andre Swift, and the mastermind of it all, Kirby Smart. They are 15 point favorites for fuck’s sake! 15 point favorites against the #7 team in the country. I’m not sure if it says more about Georgia being real good, or Notre Dame being really overrated, but it says a lot about one of them!

Now for Notre Dame, the defense absolutely needs to be faster than they have been in their first 2 games. I understand they have only given up 31 total points, but they also played Louisville and New Mexico in those games. The defense got beat plenty of times in those games and the low scores just indicate an inability to capitalize for the opponents. I promise you, if ND’s D comes out looking like they did against Louisville, they will be down 28-0 at the end of the first quarter.

Obviously for Georgia, on offense, it all starts with Fromm. They picked him over guys like Justin Fields and Jacob Eason and he has proven them right so far. He is the perfect QB for this offense. He doesn’t need to do too much and he always takes care of the ball. This is evident by the fact that Fromm is 8th in the SEC in yards passing and 4th in completion percentage. He has only thrown 5 TDs, 0 picks, and he has only been sacked once. You can’t really ask for much more from a QB, especially when you have a guy like D’Andre Swift.

Swift is 5th in the SEC in rushing yards, but he is 1st in yards per attempt by almost half a yard. He is averaging a fucking insane 9.36 yard per rush attempt which is fucking crazy! He has two TDs and given their easy schedule coming into this game they have not really had to rely on him very much. I think they will this week. Notre Dame had some big holes opened up on them in Week 1 against Louisville and I see Swift going to 150+ in this one.

Ian Book needs to be better if Notre Dame wants this game to even be close. He has had his moments where he looked like a true freshman out there and they cannot afford even one of those this week. Ian Book absolutely needs to get rid of the ball quickly and hit his receivers in stride. This ND offense doesn’t have the big play capability they had a year ago but they still have some guys who can catch the ball in space and make a play, if Book gives it to them in the right spot. He has waited too long to make some throws, and others he has made too early. He has not been the QB we saw last year and this game will be over quick fast and in a fucking hurry if that is the case again.

The reason I make my point about him getting rid of the ball quickly is because Georgia is going to come after his ass. They are 2nd in the SEC in sacks and they have 4 LBs who are going to get after Book this week. Johnson, Tindall, Smith and Ojulari all have 2 sacks so far through 3 games and they will be hungry to add to that total this week.

I really think coming into Athens is going to be a real problem for ND. The UGA fans inside Sanford Stadium will be going absolutely nuts and this ND team is just not ready for this kind of matchup right now. They are overmatched at almost every position and it is going to be rough for them. The only chance they have at winning this game is if they can get the ground game going. If they can pick up chunks on 1st and 2nd down they can slow the game down and control the clock. That is the ONLY chance they have. I don’t see it happening.

Fromm has a typical Fromm day going 15/20 for 210 yard and 2 TDs and D’Andre Swift is going to have the time of his life getting 14 carries and going for at least 150 yards. The Georgia defense gets 4-5 sacks on Ian Book while also forcing him into throwing 1 pick and forcing a fumble while he scrambles. Georgia dominates from start to finish.


Georgia 31 Notre Dame 13

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