On This Date in Sports History…The Say Hey Kid Calls it Quits

Willie Mays is one of the greatest professional baseball players we have ever seen. His baseball career started in the Negro Leagues in 1948. He spent 1 full season in the Negro Leagues before he was signed by the New York Giants. His MLB career spanned 23 years beginning in 1951 and ending after 1973.

On September 20th 1973 Willie Mays announced his retirement from professional baseball. One of the best baseball careers we would ever see came to an end. Here are some of Willie’s career accomplishments while in the MLB: (It’s not a short list)

NL MVP (Twice)
NL All Star (24 Times)
All Star Game MVP (Twice)
Batting Title
Gold Glove (12 Times-Tied for most ever by an OF)
1954 World Series Champion

What a fucking legend Willie was! He did all of this while taking 2 years off after being drafted into the Army. What a fucking career it was!

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