Mike Piazza Hit One of the Biggest Home Runs In Baseball History 18 Years Ago Today

10 days after a tragedy that shook a city to it’s core, baseball returned to NY. The Braves were in town to take on the Mets and one of the most memorable home runs in the history of baseball got hit that night.

Just playing this game was a huge step to recovery for the city after what happened. Anything in the realm of normalcy would help people move forward. Well Mike Pizza made sure the city, and the entire baseball world, would never forget this game.

The Mets, wearing the first responder hats, were down 2-1 in the bottom of the eighth inning when Mike Piazza stepped up to the plate against Steve Karsay. The rest is history.

This was way bigger than baseball. This was about lighting up the biggest city in the country after a week from hell!

I can watch this video a million times and get chills every single time. An unreal fucking moment that will forever have a place in baseball lore. Thank you Mike Piazza for hitting the home run and thank you Howie Rose for capturing the importance of the home run in your call! Un-fucking-believable!

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