Notre Dame Proved Everyone Wrong!

After their blowout loss to Clemson last year, people declared Notre Dame dead. People said ND could not play with the best in the country, they said ND could not play on the big stage, and they were all wrong. They lost tonight, yes, but in CFB a loss is not just a loss. Notre Dame showed they can play on the big stage with the big teams.

The spread on this game was 15 points. 15 fucking points! As a top 10 team that is absolutely fucking insane! Notre Dame had not played anyone yet this year to show that they could hang in this game, so the spread was almost justified. Still though, as a top 10 team, a 15 point spread meant no one believed in the Irish.

Brian Kelly and Ian Book said fuck that. Georgia had not been trailing at halftime at home in 3 years until tonight. Notre Dame pushed Georgia to a point that they had not been pushed to in a long time at home during the regular season.

As I said in my Pick’em, Ian Book needed to get rid of the ball quickly for the Irish to be successful and he did just that. He got his TE back and Chase Claypool played one of the best games of his career to keep ND close.

The defense finally stepped up and did all they could with the lightning fast UGA offense. Nobody may be able to stop this offense the way ND did tonight. Fromm had less than 200 yards, Swift had less than 100 yards and averaged less than 6 YPC which is 3 yards less than he has averaged so far this year.

The home field advantage actually killed ND this game as they had 6 false starts and 12 penalties overall.

Ian Book played exactly how we needed him to play with the exception of 1 pass. He completed 62% of his passes for 275 and 2 TDs but that one pick he threw on the sideline really killed them tonight.

The biggest takeaway as an ND fan is the OL is not as good as it has been in years past and it has a huge impact on Ian Book’s playmaking ability. That was plain as day on ND’s last play when UGA only rushed 4 against 6 in pass protection and they had Ian running for his life before he chucked an incomplete pass to end the game.

The point of all of this is ND can play with the best in the country on any stage in any atmosphere. They came within 6 points of one of the 4 best teams in the country on the road and not many teams would have held their own the way the Irish did.

All of you Irish haters can go fuck yourselves because if OU, UGA, and LSU lose at some point in the regular season ND may make the playoff again. You assholes will just have to deal with it!

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