Did Antonio Brown Just Retire From the NFL?!

We all know the AB story by now. Traded to the Raiders, the traded to the Pats, then released, all while losing out on almost $40M guaranteed. Well he seems pretty upset by the fact that he only earned around $150K this season.

Obviously there was a chance he never played again even if he didn’t retire. The off the field allegations he is facing have ended careers and if it turns out he is guilty in any of these cases, his career would probably be over anyway.

Antonio Brown may go down as one of the biggest waster of talents in NFL history! He was an all time great talent but he just always acted like a fucking idiot. It always seemed like he was all about him and not the team.

This guy is a complete fucking idiot and I hope he never steps foot in an NFL locker room again. He is a cancer to whatever team he is on and that is not going to change, as evident by the fact that the Pats released him. You had an OK career AB and I really hope they do NOT put you in the Hall of Fame, you do no deserve it!

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