Grossman’s Gambling Guide-NFL Week 3

Last week was kind of a shitshow. Week 2 seems like the week that we actually find out what teams really are. The Bengals are exactly who we thought they were before Week 1. The fooled the shit out of me after a close Week 1 game with Seattle and boy did me picking them look stupid as shit last week. They go blown the fuck out! I am also not sure there is a good team in the AFC South. Hopefully we learned enough in Week 2 to make some solid picks this week because last week was complete ASS!

Overall ATS 3-3

Overall O/U 1-2

Atlanta Falcons @ Indianapolis Colts -1

As BigCat would say, “I am back on my bullshit!” The Falcons are the most frustrating team in this league. They have so much fucking talent on offense but they have not been able to put it together since the Super Bowl collapse. I think they just have too much talent on offense and the defense may not have to worry about Marlon Mack. I think Freeman may get back on track this week too for the Falcons and they will win this outright!

Pick: Atlanta Falcons +1

Baltimore Ravens @ Kansas City Chiefs -6

The Matchup of the Week! Well I was the idiot who thought the Raiders could keep up with the Chiefs, and it looked like they could for a quarter. Then Pat Mahomes went absolutely nuts in the 2nd throwing for over 250 and 4 TDs in that quarter alone! Well I will not fall for that again! The Ravens will get their first actual test today and I do not think they look as good as they have in Weeks 1 and 2. Chiefs should score at will in their home opener.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs -6

Detroit Lions @ Philadelphia Eagles -4.5

I am a firm believer in the Eagles being the 2nd best team in the NFC this year. The Lions on the other hand are definitely a surprise from Week 2 as they upset the Chargers at home. The Eagles have a rookie RB though who at some point will take over that backfield and I think he does it this week. It started last week but at home against the Lions is the perfect time to really get him going.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles -4.5

Detroit Lions @ Philadelphia Eagles O/U 45

Detroit’s offense has not looked great this year, especially last week scoring only 13 at home. The Eagles have a really good defense and they are ready to show everyone that after the debacle last week on Sunday Night Football. The Eagles will control this game with that defense and the run game.

Pick: Under 45

Between last week and yesterday, I really need to turn things the fuck around real quick!

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