The Best Football Movie Ever Was Released 19 Years Ago Today!

My favorite football movie, Remember The Titans, was released in theaters on September 23rd 2000. Now this may be a bit of an unpopular opinion because I know so many people love movies like Any Given Sunday, Friday Night Lights, and Invincible, but for me, Remember the Titans takes the cake!

If I am scrolling the guide on TV and I see this on any channel, it goes on without fucking question! Absolute no-brainer!

Now I’ll get this out of the way now, the acting was awful! Denzel, as usual, steals the show in this one. I will not let the bad acting take away from what a great story it is though.

I know some of the scenes are exaggerated or even made up, but I do not give a shit. This movie is electric from start to finish! If you don’t get chills watching Rev run down the sideline with Sunshine as the lead blocker, you don’t have a fucking soul!

This movie has it all, a young Ryan Gosling, a young Hayden Panettiere, who is legendary in this movie, and of course Denzel at his best!

Let us all celebrate the 19th birthday of Remember the Titans by watching it tonight before the MNF game!

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