Melvin Gordon Will Apparently Return This Week!

Melvin Gordon is currently holding out because he wants to get paid by the Chargers. Gordon believes he should be paid as a top RB and the Chargers, like many other teams just do not value the position like some of the other teams.

It has been reported though that Gordon will return to the Chargers on Thursday this week. All I can say is that this means more for fantasy football than it does for the Chargers.

Reported by Branson Wright of The Undefeated

The Chargers miss Russell Okung more than they miss Gordon and it has shown. Holding penalties out the ass and Rivers getting lit up by DEs and OLBs will not change once Gordon returns.

The Chargers are off to a 1-2 start and are still holding out hopes for a playoff run. Gordon may think he can turn it around but I don’t think so. Ekeler and Justin Jackson have been real good in his absence.

We will see what kind of effect this has on the Chargers either within the next 2 weeks though. If he doesn’t help turn it around you can almost guarantee he will not get the money he is wanting from the Chargers.

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