On This Day in Sports History…The Greatest Dunk of All Time!

Vince Carter is probably the best pure dunker we have ever seen! He had the most awesome fucking nicknames like Vinsanity, Half-Man, Half-Amazing, and Air Canada, to try and capture what watching him felt like. He was one of the most unbelievable athletes that the NBA has ever seen. Then he did this to solidify himself in basketball history with the greatest dunk we have ever seen.

On September 25th 2000 Vince Carter jumped over and dunked on 7’2″ French Center Frederic Weis in what the French know as “The Dunk of Death”. That is because Vince Carter basically killed this fucking dude with this dunk. It is one of the most electric plays in the history of basketball and it will not soon be forgotten.

The raw emotion he showed after the dunk is bananas! He almost right hooks KG to the fucking moon and none of them give a fuck. They were just part of the greatest dunk anyone has ever seen.

Vince was selected to be a member of the 2000 Olympic Basketball team that would play in the tournament in Sydney, Australia. The United States won the gold medal and Vince led the team in scoring throughout the tournament. It is real fucking weird that nobody remembers that, but EVERYBODY remembers this dunk. Fucking insane dunk!

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