On This Date in Sports History…The Cowboys Tie the Single Game Sack Record

Can you imagine being a fan of a team and your QB gets sacked 12 fucking times?! On the other side of that, how hyped are you if you watch your favorite team sack a QB 12 times?! Well the Cowboy fans were able to watch their defense accumulate 12 sacks in a game 34 years ago today.

On September 29th 1985 the Dallas Cowboys recorded 12 sacks against Warren Moon and the Houston Oilers. 12 sacks in a single game would tie the NFL record that was originally set by the Cowboys in 1966.

Led by Pro Bowl DE Randy White with 2 sacks, the Cowboys 12 sacks led to a total loss of 82 yards. The other Cowboys with sacks were Too Tall Jones (2), John Dutton (2), Victor Scott (2), Kevin Brooks (1), Dexter Clinkscale (1), Eugene Lockhart (1), Mike Hegman and Jim Jeffcoat (0.5 each).

Sacking a QB 12 times is unprecedented in today’s game and this record will probably hold for a real long time.

The Cowboys would go on to win this one by a score of 17-10 while also intercepting Warren Moon 4 times.

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