Unfiltered SEC Power Rankings Oct. 1

Poeflo’s SEC Power Ranking

14. Tennessee (1-3)
They had a bye week..still the bottom of the SEC

13. Vanderbilt (1-3)
Yes they beat Northern Illinois 24-18 but the Huskies outgained the Commadores at home on offense.

12. Arkansas (2-3)
The Razorbacks lost to A&M by 4 on Saturday. If the Hogs play like they did this week then they will sneak a couple SEC wins this year.

11.Kentucky (2-3)
They got crushed by a SHITTY South Carolina 24-7..The offense is not clicking on all cylinders. They face the Razorbacks next…both coming off a bye. I expect a tight game.

10. Ole Miss (2-3)
The Rebels are not that good. They lost to Memphis week one and got THRASHED by ALABAMA 59-31.

9. South Carolina (2-3)
The Gamecocks won this week..But lets not get it twisted…they are not good..their coach should be on the hot seat.

8. Miss State (3-2)
They got thrashed by Auburn. But Auburn is a hell of a defense. So to score 23 on them is pretty impressive for a below par team.

7. Texas A&M (3-2)
So the Aggies played a team that lost to San Jose St and only won by 4. They are lucky they are ranked so high. They are not good. They overpayed for Jimbo Fisher.

6. Missouri (3-1)
They had an off week…lets see how they do against a weaker oppenent TROY.

5. Florida (5-0)
The pansy ass Gators play Towson and won 38-0..im not too impressed by that.

4. Auburn (5-0)
Sure they beat Miss State but im not quite sold on the Bulldogs, sure Malzahn’s squad won..but is it impressive?? I Don’t think so.

3. Georgia (4-0) These guys were off this week…but lets be honest they look legit AF. They are coached up and look like a top contender out the EAST and possibly in the playoffs.

2.LSU (4-0)
This offense is absolutely insane. I remember as a HOG fan. We could always say “fuck it we know they cant throw” but now they have a Heisman hopeful. This team looks like a playoff team.

  1. Alabama (5-0)
    Who would have freakin thought that Bama would be number one on my list. Tua has 23 TDS which is fuckin amazin. They will roll onto the playoffs.

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