On This Date in Sports History…The Thrilla in Manila!

Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier was not only one of boxing’s greatest rivalries, but one of the greatest rivalries in the history of sports. The boxers split the first two fights which obviously built the hype around the third fight.

On October 1st 1975 Muhammad Ali beat Joe Frazier by a TKO in the Thrilla in Manila, one of the most anticipated sporting events of all time.

Ali may be the greatest trash talker in the history of sports. I would say that over half the fights he won, were already won before the opening bell even rang. He would get into fighter’s heads and it was a fuckin wrap!

The name of this fight, which is one of the more memorable titles for a sporting event ever, comes from Ali’s trash talking. Heading into the fight Ali gave Frazier the nickname “The Gorilla” and then used it for a rhyme to try and fuck with him. The rhyme goes as follows: “It will be a killa and a thrilla and a chilla when I get the Gorilla in Manila.”

Well his shit talking worked as Ali won a widely scored fight after Frazier’s camp called the fight after 14 brutal fucking rounds. Both fighters claimed that they had never been closer to dying than they were at the end of that fight. There was not a better way for the culmination of the greatest rivalry boxing ever saw!

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