It Was the Most Mets Season Ever, But What a Season It Was

The roller coaster has been over for a couple of days now but I could not get this all together until after watching last night’s shitshow of a game. The Mets are a better baseball team than both of those fucking teams last night, no questions asked! So for me the biggest drop on the roller coaster was watching last night’s game knowing the Mets would have won it if they were there.

Now, let’s go allll the way back to Opening Day.

On March 28th another season of Mets baseball started. Along with Opening Day for the Mets, a glimmer of hope always accompanies us fans. Hope that the rotation will stay healthy, hope that we might see Cespedes at some point in any given year, and hope that some of the young players would build on their success from previous years. Well, of course they won their opener against Washington. Death, taxes, and the Mets winning on Opening Day are 3 guarantees in life.

Life was good for the first 2 weeks. deGrom did not skip a beat and looked better in his first 2 starts than he did last year. The bats were mashing and our newest addition, the man who was supposed to solidify the bullpen, recorded his 6th save to help get the Mets to a quick 10-6 start. At this point we are all thinking well shit, if the pitching stays healthy and the bats keep mashing we can make a run at the East this year. Well right on cue, the Mets finished the month 5-9 and stumbled into May with a 15-15 record.  

May was more of the same old Mets but there were 2 points in the month of May that really just sum up the entirety of the Mets franchise and the ups and downs we as fans go through.

The first point was getting swept in a 3 game set by the Marlins on May 17-19. I was ready to call it quits already! This Marlins team was supposed to be one of the worst teams of all time and the Mets got swept by them?! This is not a playoff team! This was the low of the season at this point without a fucking doubt!

Well then the Nationals come in to town. A team who was supposed to compete in the NL East but stumbled out of the gate to a 19-27 record before this series. My initial though was this series was where the Nats would come back to life against a lifeless Mets team who just got swept by the Marlins. The complete opposite happened which is why this is the 2nd point of the month that sums up the Mets franchise.

The Mets swept the Nationals in a 4 game series and they looked like they were back!

Brodie and Mickey were making the right calls. No names were coming up with big hits and everyone did their part!

Enter the Los Angeles Dodgers and the reality that Edwin Diaz and the entire bullpen fucking sucks!

The Mets traveled to LA a week later for a 4 game set with the Dodgers. If the Mets were back and wanted to be a playoff team they had to compete with the Dodgers and at least split the series. Let’s just start by saying it could have been a FUCKING SWEEP by the Mets or at least they should have taken 3 out of 4! Well we all know this series ended in anything but that…

Game 1: 3-2 lead blown by Bashlor; bullpen gives up 7 runs

Game 2: Mets win even though Gsellman-Familia-Diaz tried their best to fuck it up

Game 3: “The Fucking Implosion!” Mets are up 8-4 after 7; Familia gives up 1; 8-5 after 8; EDWIN FUCKING DIAZ gets blown to shit in the 9th; gives up 4 runs including walk-off sac fly Mets lose 9-8

Game 4: After being let down by the bullpen time after time the lineup forgets how to hit Mets lose 2-0

For me that was it. There was no way the Mets were going to come back from a string of losses like that. At this point the Mets were 27-29 and the season was all but over in my mind. I would still watch the games of course because I am a fucking lunatic but I went into every game with no expectations. How could I not watch them though. At this point Pete Alonso was going fucking bananas, deGrom was still the best pitcher in baseball and Jeffy McHits was chasing a batting title. This team was still a little fun to watch (sometimes).

Add in around this time that the Mets had the normal Mets stuff going on and it was just another fucking season of typical Mets baseball. You had BVW “managing a game in Arizona from home, BVW throwing a chair in a coach’s meeting, Mickey and Vargas almost fucking up a reporter, and then the Cespedes ranch injury. TYPICAL NY METS BASEBALL SEASON!

They hovered right around that 2-5 games under .500 for about a month until the Phillies series at the end of June. The Mets go into Philly and get fucking embarrassed in 4 games to drop to 8 games below .500, the lowest they had been this season. It couldn’t get any worse right? WRONG! SO FUCKING WRONG!

In mid-July the Mets traveled to San Francisco against a red hot Giants team who had just crawled back into the playoff race. The Mets had won 4 in a row with 2 of those being over a really good Twins team and they were 7 below .500. This was the series they could get back into the race. I was on vacation at my mom’s on Staten Island so I did not have to work or wake up for anything. That meant I could stay up to watch the games with no worries. This decision may have been the biggest fucking mistake I have ever made. This series 100% should have ended in a Mets sweep, but we all know this team and we all know that is not how the series went down.

Game 1: FUCKING MARATHON; 16 innings long and the bullpen finally looked OK for 8 innings; the Mets get a blast from who else but Pete Alonso to take a 1 run lead in the top of the 16th; bullpen has looked good, game over right? WRONG! Chris Mazza gets knocked around for 2 in the bottom of the inning Mets lose 3-2. This game lasted almost 5 hours and my dumbass stayed up to watch every single fucking inning! I might have woke up half of Staten Island when I screamed after Alonso’s HR! I also probably woke up half of NYC after I screamed when Mazza gave up the GW hit. This was a complete joke!

Game 2: A gem pitched by deGrom leads to a 1-0 loss in 10 innings. What is guaranteed if deGrom pitches a gem?! NO FUCKING RUN SUPPORT! Some chode in his first MLB year shut the Mets down over 8 innings and then Dom Smith made one of the most laughable errors ever to lose the game in the 10th.

Game 3: Mets win with 11 runs on 17 hits

Game 4: Another marathon extra inning game. Gsellman gives up a 12th inning walk-off HR to Yaz; Giants win 3-2

That was it. This 4 game series was the last straw. I was staying up until 3-4 o’clock in the morning watching these fucking schmucks blow games in every way possible. I was done!

Then it started…

One of the greatest runs we have ever seen this team go on.

Starting with the game I went to, where Robby Cano hit 3 yabos, the Mets went on to go 16-2 over their next 18 games to get to 5 games over .500.

They were fucking back and I was drawn right the fuck back in! They go on to lose a couple in a row but start another mini streak with the game I was at in KC with the 7 Line Army! They won 5 in a row including a sweep of the then first place Indians.

The 7 Line Army at Kauffman Stadium in KC

After that sweep they had the Braves next and I remember thinking holy shit, this team is fucking legit they just swept a first place team and a real contender. That thought seemed real stupid real quick as they would lose their next 6 getting swept by the Braves and the Cubs. All seemed lost again, but alas…

This team kept fucking fighting! They went 19-10 over the last month and change of the season to finish 3 GB of the second wild card spot and finished 10 games above .500 at 86-76. During that last month so much fucking happened!

-Pete Alonso breaks the Mets single season HR record, and the all-time rookie single season HR record

-Jacob deGrom essentially wins himself a 2nd straight Cy Young

-Amed Rosario (pretty much the entire season) solidified his spot as the future starting SS for this team

-The Phillies finished below the Mets in the standings after spending almost $450M!

This season just seemed like such a typical Mets season, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. This is a new team, with a new culture, a new attitude, and group of young guys who only give a shit about winning ball games! This will easily go down as the most fun Mets season in a year they did not make the playoffs. This may have been even more fun than 2016 when they lost the WC game.

Through all the incredible ups and fucking horrible downs though, this team still does it for me. Pete is the fucking man and he is one of the easiest guys in all of baseball to like. No matter how good, bad, or ugly they are, I will always fucking love this team!

One thing I do know is this team is not done, they will be back next year and they are coming for that ass Atlanta!


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