On This Date in Sports History…An MLB Triple Header!

In Major League Baseball, doubleheaders used to be a pretty common occurrence. Teams used to play double headers on almost a weekly basis. For example, the 1944 White Sox played in 44 double headers! That is fucking nuts! Teams today bitch about having to play 1 double header, but with advancements in medical technology it has proven to be more harmful than beneficial for the players. Well how about a goddamn triple header?!

On October 2nd 1920 the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds played in what would be the last triple header in MLB history. (They are not currently banned by the current Collective Bargaining Agreement) There had been 2 previous triple headers in MLB history but they both took place in the 1890s. This triple header was not supposed to happen, but MLB had no choice as both teams were chasing 3rd place, which actually meant quite a bit back then.

The Pirates were 3.5 games behind the Reds with 4 games remaining. 3 of those games took place in a single day as the Reds took the first 2 of the triple header while the Pirates took the nightcap that ended after 6 innings due to darkness.

Only one player from either team recorded a hit in all 3 games. Clyde Barnhart had 2 singles and 2 doubles across the 3 games.

Boy the kids nowadays would loved baseball back in the day as the first game was completed in 2 hours and 3 minutes, the second in 1 hour and 56 minutes, and the final game completed in 1 hour and 3 minutes (6 inning game). I don’t know what happened but the average length of an MLB game this year was 3 hours and 5 minutes.

All I know is that if the Mets decided to play a triple header starting at 10 AM on a Saturday morning I would be in fucking heaven on my couch with some cold Miller Lites all the way until the end of the 3rd game. Bring this shit back immediately!

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