College Gameday Location Pick’em-Gainesville, Florida

Last week’s game went almost exactly as planned, except rather than just being better than Nebraska, OSU made a case for being the best team in the country. They completely fucking dominated from start to finish and Scott Frost didn’t know what to do with himself. OSU is right in the middle of the CFB Playoff conversation while Justin Fields and even JK Dobbins to a lesser degree are both going to try and get a free trip to NY for the Heisman presentation. This week is primed to be one of the games of the season!

Gainesville, Florida
#7 Auburn Tigers @ #10 Florida Gators

I touched on this game a little bit in my gambling guide, but here I will do a complete preview and pick a winner rather than ATS. For Florida there are 2 things I want to see. I want to see if this defense is for real and I want to see if Kyle Trask is the real deal.

Florida has not played the toughest schedule yet, but they have, for the most part, dominated everyone they played. They may have the most athletic defense in the country and that can be a scary thought for true freshman Bo Nix. The Gators are tied for tops in the country in TOs forced with 13 total (9 picks, 4 fumble recoveries) and they are second in the nation in sacks with 24 through 5 games. This defense is just full of fucking freaks and there is not other way to describe it. They are fast and they all have a nose for the ball.

Auburn has played a pretty tough schedule so far with wins over two top 25 teams. They beat Oregon on a last second play in Week 1 and they fucking embarrassed Texas A&M in College Station, but A&M may not be so good after all so take that win with a grain of salt. Either way, Bo Nix was exceeded all expectations and looked like a real good QB and the Tiger defense has been phenomenal thus far.

On the offensive side of the ball for Florida it was supposed to be Felipe Franks. He looked like he made the turn last year and he was going to lead the Gators back to glory this year. That is until he was lost for the season to an injury. In the Kentucky game, Dan Mullen had to turn to a QB who had not started a game since his freshman year of high school in Kyle Trask. All he did was lead in incredible comeback to make sure the Gators stayed in the SEC conversation.

In two full games since taking over as the starter Kyle Trask is 38/48 passing for 481 yards and 4 TDs. It is a real fucking weird story because Trask was heavily recruited out of high school even though he never started a game. He played at a high school that used a 2 QB system and he always came off the bench. Obviously he was good enough to be recruited by Florida so of course the talent has to be there and it will be out on full display this week.

Auburn has been surprisingly good defensively. They have only surrendered 17 PPG so far this year and usually a team coached by fatass Gus Malzahn is not known for their defense. The problem that will catch up to them though is that they just do not force enough TOs. They only have 1 Int as a team this year to go with 4 fumble recoveries. Winning tough conference games in the SEC will require forced TOs otherwise teams will eventually find a way to score on you.

Now let’s get back to Bo Nix. He has been incredible this year. It is always amazing to me when a true freshman becomes the starter and is fucking awesome like he is. This guy is fucking 18 years old and he is traveling all over the country playing in the toughest environments just telling everyone to eat a dick while he is at it. I have been as impressed with him as I have been with any other QB in the country this year, but the great story will take a turn this week.

He has not faced a defense close to the caliber of this Florida defense yet. The Gators are going to be coming for that ass all day long! They will force him into mistakes we have not seen him make yet and they will make him look like a freshman. It is not a knock on Nix, just a praise of the Gator defense and their athleticism.

If Auburn wants to win this game they will have to rely on the run game to keep possession and keep the Gator defense on the field. JaTarvious Whitlow has over 460 yards rushing on the year and the Tigers have 5 different players with 20 carries who average over 5 YPC. This gameplan will not be easy to execute though as Florida is only allowing 88 rush YPG.

In the end I REALLY REALLY LOVE this Florida defense! They are so underrated and nobody is talking about them, but that will change after this week. People will talk about them with OSU’s defense after they fucking stifle Auburn’s offense this week.


Florida 27 Auburn 20

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