On This Date in Sports History…The Biggest Blowout in CFB History Took Place

College football is well known for enormous fucking blowouts on a week to week basis, especially in the earlier weeks of the season. Some of the big time schools play FCS schools in tune up games and sometimes win by 70+ points. Well no matter how mismatched some of today’s games are, I don’t think it will ever get as bad as one game got 103 years ago.

On October 7th 1916 the Georgia Tech Engineers defeated Cumberland College 222-0. GT scored 222 fucking points in a single game! This is, by far, the biggest blowout in the history of College Football.

Led by head coach John Heisman Georgia Tech scored 32 TDs! There are college football teams that go an entire season without scoring 32 TDs and they did it in a single fucking game! The craziest part is that GT did not attempt a pass all fucking game! All of their yards and TDs were accumulated on runs, defense, or special teams.

With the score being so lopsided at halftime, 126-0, Heisman agreed to shorten the quarters in the 2nd half to 12 minutes but that did not slow down the Engineers. They still dropped a fucking absurd 96 points in the 2nd half to complete the most emasculating football game of all time.

Cumberland College, now the University of the Cumberlands, shockingly still has a football program. They are currently in the NAIA, but they should have folded this program the minute this game ended. There is no coming back from an embarrassment like that no matter how long ago it was.

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