Braves Agree to Limit Tomahawk Chop, and Immediately Get Lit Up in Game 5

Since 1991, the tomahawk chop has been used by fans of the Atlanta Braves as well as many other teams. To help the fans the Braves would give out foam tomahawks to make sure everyone was involved and the crowd would be fucking electric. Well of course, living in the world we live in, the tomahawk chop has come under fire recently for being offensive.

The tomahawk chop is not meant to be offensive in the least bit. It is meant to celebrate the success of a baseball team who has a goddamn tomahawk in their fucking logo! The equivalent of this would be me, a red-headed Irishman, getting offended by the Leprechaun Notre Dame has as their mascot. That is not the case though because I am a fucking adult and understand that it is not meant as a slight at the Irish.

Either way, the controversy caused by the tomahawk chop earned a reaction from the Braves prior to Game 5 of the NLDS. The Braves stated they would reduce the chop and not play the music when a certain Cardinals player is in the game.

It is no surprise that in the first game that the Braves publicly mention limiting the chop, they get fucking lit up for 10 runs in the 1st inning! They are currently losing 13-1 and their season is essentially over.

The Braves and the tomahawk chop are synonymous with each other and if the Braves fans cannot do the chop, this will be the start of a curse longer than the Cubs or Red Sox endured. Mark my words!

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