College Gameday Location Pick’em-Baton Rouge, Louisiana

College Gameday announced last week that for the first time in the history of the show, Rece, LC, Kirk, David, Desmond, and Bear will be traveling abroad for a game. In August of 2020 Notre Dame faces off against Navy in Dublin, Ireland and the crew will be there for that game! I am fucking stoked to do that already and we are still 10 months out!

Now, last week I also saw a bunch of shit on Twitter and such about how the CFB pregame show on Fox is better than College Gameday because they showed everyone how tackling has changed in football. Well I am here to tell all those people to fucking shove it! When I am watching pregame shows, I do not want to see how players need to tackle or shit like that. The refs are always fucking the calls up anyway so it is completely unnecessary to show the fans the “right” way to tackle or how it’s changed. During these pregame shows I want to see previews of as many games as possible! Nobody, and I mean NOBODY does it better than Gameday!

Kirk is the number 1 CFB analyst and it’s not even fucking close! He knows almost everything there is to know about every single team! LC is delusional as fuck but he knows his shit too! Then throw in David, Desmond, and Rece and there is not a better team in the fucking country on any level in any sport! (College Basketball is close with guys like Jay Bilas, Jay Williams, and Seth Greenberg) But now, let’s get to the game!

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

#7 Florida @ #5 LSU

For the second straight week Gameday is in SEC Country. I personally would have rather they been at the Cotton Bowl, but beggars can’t be choosers. Both games are going to be phenomenal and I’m not really going to complain. This game as major playoff implications and it may wind up being one of the biggest games of the season!

Last week Florida faced off against a real good Auburn team and they made them look real bad. Florida’s defense forced 4 TOs and sacked Bo Nix twice while holding the Tigers to 13 points and only 269 total yards.

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LSU on the other hand faced off against a sneaky good Utah State team and demolished them. Utah State has an NFL prospect in Jordan Love and LSU shut him the fuck down. LSU’s defense forced Love into 3 picks and held him to 50% passing and only 130 yards. Joe Burrow did his thing totaling 6 TDs while passing for over 340 yards.

The obvious battle in this one is LSU’s explosive offense which leads the nation in scoring against Florida’s nasty fucking defense.

Joe Burrow is going to have be at his best to get the job done this week. He is going to have to be quick and decisive with the ball or it might be a long fucking day for him. Florida leads the nation in picks with 12 and they are 3rd in the country with 26 sacks. LSU’s OL has not been great which could cause a problem for Burrow. They have allowed Burrow to be sacked at least once in 4 straight games including 4 times against UT and twice in the last 2 against USU and Vandy.

CJ Henderson is a top 5 CB draft prospect and he will most likely be covering Justin Jefferson which is going to be one hell of a match-up. The issue is that LSU has plenty of other weapons with guys like Ja’Marr Chase and Terrace Marshall. Keeping this offense contained is the ONLY way Florida stands a chance in this game. They cannot play a game like Texas did or they will get blown the fuck out, so the defense is going to need to step up big time!

On the flip side, Kyle Trask has led this offense like Felipe Franks couldn’t and they now have a chance in this game because of it. LSU has a couple of first round draft picks on that defense though and Trask will need to be careful because he has been TO prone through his first couple of starts. He has been extremely accurate throwing the ball, but he has lost 4 fumbles in his 3 starts including 3 against Auburn. If he is going to take hits, he needs to secure the ball better or Florida will find itself in a deep fuckin hole.

LSU also has some draft prospects in their secondary in Grant Delpit and Kristian Fulton. Florida does not have any stars that stand out, but they have a bunch of solid WRs as they have 4 guys with over 200 yards receiving and another at 199 yards. 7 guys have at least 10 catches and keeping track of that many weapons may prove a little difficult for LSU’s defense.

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The key for Florida is simple. Keep the ball out of Joe Burrow’s hands, and if he does have it, pressure him and force him into mistakes. That is the only recipe for the Gators winning this game.

That is also exactly what I think will happen!

Joe Burrow’s first down game of the season leads to a Gator victory in Death Valley.

Florida 27 LSU 24

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