Barstool Slobgate is the Most Thrilling Sports Story of the Year

Barstool Sports is the reason many of us bloggers have gotten into the game. Dave Portnoy started a blog and turned it into an empire, and now thousands of us degenerates have started blogs in the hopes that we can replicate his success on any kind of level.

Last night, Barstool live streamed some of their employees watching the ALCS game in their headquarters. Guys like KFC, Carrabis, that fucking chode Hubbs, and Marty Bitchass Mush just to name a few, partook in this live stream. Of course, food was provided for these guys and all of them had a blast eating and drinking while watching the ballgame.

It was all in good fun, until this morning. Those clowns left a FUCKING DISASTER after watching the game. It looked like not a single soul picked up after themselves and left a horrible mess.

Naturally Pres and Nardini were not happy with what went down. Barstool is a dream job for thousands of people and this fucking slobs are taking full advantage of the opportunity they have been given.

Slobgate was the term given to this disaster and it has become quite the story with Dave and Nardini on a warpath to figure out who the culprits were. Dave’s subtle tweets about people being too comfortable have me on the edge of my fucking seat impatiently awaiting the final word on this situation.

His not so subtle tweets and blogs directed at Hubbs and Carribas are straight fucking shots at these guys who are all trying to fucking skate out of this mess.

Barstool Radio today is going to be fucking electric, maybe almost as electric as when Dave went on a rampage after the Dunkin Donuts event where everyone underdressed.

From the outside looking in, these guys publicly tweeting that they didn’t eat remind me of my fucking children! Nobody gives a fuck that you didn’t eat! If you see those other assholes making a mess like that it is your responsibility to make them clean it up! If you choose not to do that, you are just as guilty as the slobs.

Hubbs looks like a fuckin bitch anyway and he should have had to clean the whole fucking area up, but instead it fell onto the lap of former NFL player Willie Colon. THAT IS FUCKING EMBARRASSING FOR EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO WAS INVOLVED.

You are all grown ass men and you are so lazy that a grown ass man was cleaning up after you. It’s fucking disgraceful and Pres should fire all of you assholes!

I for one cannot wait for the verdict to come out, and I personally hope Dave drops the fucking hammer on these assholes. Do it for the people Pres!

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