The NFL Refs are Awful, but They Are Not the Reason Your Team is Losing!

Understandably so, there has been a lot of criticism being aimed at the referees this season, especially after last night in Green Bay. Without question they are throwing too many flags as there has already been 200 more flags thrown this year than at the same point last year. Straight up, the refs have been fucking terrible this year! Whether it’s the refs on the field or the refs in the review booth, officiating has been complete dogshit all season long.

What’s funny though is that last night is where most of the criticism is aimed at, not the Jets-Cowboys game where the refs threw 6 flags on 6 consecutive plays on the final drive, or the Chiefs-Texans game where Travis Kelce got tackled while running a route and no flag was thrown.

Now if you are of the belief that the refs are the reason the Lions lost last night you are OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND! First off, calling those hands to the face penalties in real time is hard as shit, and anytime a player’s head gets jerked up like Bakhtiari’s did they are going to throw that flag.

Was it a bad call? Yes, absolutely. Was it as bad as about 75% of the holds or PIs we have seen so far this year? Absolutely fucking not! It’s real fuckin easy for ESPN to show the slow motion clip of Trey Flowers hands not hitting Bakhtiari in the face. It’s not fucking easy for the refs to see the precise location of his hands in real time.

Now that we have discussed those penalties that “lost the game” for the Lions, let’s get to the numerous opportunities the Lions had to put this game away.

On the first drive of the game the Lions drive all the way down the field and have 1st and 10 at the GB 11. The next 3 plays are as follows: Stafford fumble -5 yards, incomplete pass, completed pass 8 yards, 26 yard FG. A terrible end to a drive that probably should have ended in a TD.

On their 3rd drive of the game the Lions have a 1st and Goal at the 8. The sequence of plays to follow went like this: completed pass 6 yards, incomplete pass, Delay of Game penalty -5 yards, Offside penalty 3 yards, incomplete pass, 22 Yard FG.

After their third drive of the game the Lions are up 13-0 but when you look back at it, they should be up 21-0 if not for poor play calling and even worse execution. Turning one of those FGs to a TD probably wins the game for them.

After punting on their first possession of the 2nd half the Lions were gifted a muffed punt and started their drive at the GB 25 yard line. Another golden opportunity to score a TD right? Well here are the next 3 plays the Lions ran: incomplete pass, 2 yard rush, incomplete pass. That series led to yet another FG.

Then came the drive where the Lions really should have put the game away, but thanks to the refs offense, it was still in GB’s reach. Aaron Rodgers throws an Int (that should have never happened by the way) and the Lions return it to the GB 43 yard line. Another series starting in GB territory is sure to end in a TD right?

First play: 8 yard run; Second play: Incomplete pass: Third play: Incomplete pass: Result: 54 Yard FG

So there is a whole list of ways the offense fucked this up, but now let’s get to the defense. Yes the first Illegal Use of Hands penalty was on 3rd and 10 and the result should have been 4th and 21, but they called the penalty. So now you have to get a stop as a defense.

PSYCHE! Aaron Rodgers threw a 35 yard TD three plays later, all thanks to the referees. The defense being bad had nothing to do with the Packers scoring that TD.

On their next possession the Lions punt to the GB 18. Now the Packers had already driven over 60 yards before the second Illegal Use of Hands Penalty was called. The defense could have come up with a big stop before GB ever had a chance to win the game, but it must have been the ref’s fault as well that it didn’t happen.

If we’re being real these weren’t even the worst penalty calls of the week by a fucking longshot! Go watch the last 2 minutes of the Jets-Cowboys game and you will see 4 or 5 penalties worse than 1 of those last night. Go watch Patrick Mahomes throw his first Int of the season. You will notice there is no one in the area from the Chiefs. That is because Kelce got tackled while running his route and no flag was thrown.

As a Jets fan if they had lost that game to the Cowboys after all those penalties, the last thing I would have blamed was the fucking refs! I started looking back while the Cowboys were driving thinking that is Sam hadn’t thrown that pick inside the 10 this game would be over. I was thinking that if LeVeon had more than 14 carries the game would probably be over. I was thinking that if the Jets had scored more than 3 fucking points in the 2nd half the game would have been over.

To blame one entity for your team losing an entire game is the most obnoxious shit I have ever seen. NFL “experts” are not helping the situation either but acting like the refs control the entire outcome of the game. Detroit had plenty of chances to win and it is on THEM, not the refs for fucking it up!

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