Unfiltered NFL Power Rankings-Week 6

In a week that should have been remembered for great football, it will most definitely be a week that remembered for the awful fucking officiating. Even with the bad officiating though, this week should have been remembered for the upsets we saw. Before we get to that though, I have one thing to to say for all you bitching about the refs.

THE REFS/UMPIRES FUCKING BLOW IN EVERY SINGLE SPORT! NFL, NBA, or MLB it doesn’t fucking matter, they are all fucking awful and it will never change! We don’t expect the players to be perfect, so why should we expect perfection out of the refs?!

Ok now that we’ve gotten past that, the Jets, Steelers, and Texans all pulled big upsets this weekend and games like those are what should be the focus of Week 6. Darnold came back and led the Jets to a season saving win, Deshaun Watson led the Texans to a prove yourself win over the Chiefs, and the fuckin Duck led the Steelers to a huge home road upset of the Chargers. Week 6 was crazy and it’s just going to get better!

1-New England Patriots (1)-The Pats have been the one constant in a league that sees teams shuffle around in the standings every single year. They have not played the toughest schedule, but they are beating the shit out of every team they play. The defense is fucking nuts, but the offense has been stagnant at times and I have my concerns. The one thing that confuses me is how the Pats have always exploited the talents of every player they have ever had, with 1 exception, Josh Gordon. I don’t know what the deal is but getting him more involved will make this offense unstoppable and it may help the Pats run the table this year.

2-Green Bay Packers (3)-I do not care how they won that game, all that matters in this league is that you win fucking games and the Packers did exactly that! With the running game working like it is, the Packers are going to be tough to stop moving forward. Even without their top receiver the Packers have won their last 2 games and the offense and defense both look real good in the process. Oh yeah, and Rodgers definitely still has it!

3-New Orleans Saints (4)-Through the injury to their franchise QB, the Saints continue to win fucking ball games! With Teddy leading the way they have won shootouts and they have won ugly, and being able to win both of those types of games bodes well for a football team. It is also the sign of an extremely well coached team which is exactly why Sean Payton has been with the Saints for the last 13 years. Brees will be back to try and take this team to the promised land.

4-San Francisco 49ers (6)-The 49ers are here to stay folks! After a convincing win over the defending NFC champs, the Niners showed the world that they are not fucking around this year. This was the sexy pick last year before Jimmy G. got hurt and they are showing everyone why this year. Using an insane fucking defense and one of the most successful RBBCs in the league, Shanahan has this team in prime position to make a run at the NFC West.

5-Seattle Seahawks (5)-Almost like the Packers, the Seahawks are just finding ways to win fucking ballgames! Outside of their 17 point win over Arizona, they have won their other 4 games by a combined 8 points, and they got blown out by the Saints at home. You can say they got lucky or some dumb shit like that, but you win close games like that when you have a fucking baller like Russell Wilson. He’s a top 3 MVP candidate so far this year and he is ready for another playoff run.

6-Kansas City Chiefs (2)-Two straight losses have knocked the Chiefs down a little bit, but let’s not overreact here. They still have Pat Mahomes and they are still the most explosive offense in the league. Every single time a team struggles the “experts” overreact and now were talking about the league catching up with Mahomes. That has not happened you fucking idiots! Mahomes is clearly playing at less than 100% with a bummed ankle and he has not in any game this year had every single one of his weapons. The Chiefs will be fine, and in the wise words of Aaron Rodgers, R-E-L-A-X!

7-Carolina Panthers (10)-If you would have told me after losing on TNF in Week 2 that the Panthers would be in the playoff hunt, I would have fucking smacked you. Cam was hurt and they looked awful! Now they have the favorite for MVP so far, a defense that is crazy, and a QB who became the first QB in NFL history to win his first 5 starts without throwing a single pick! Riverboat Ron has this team cruising into the bye!

8-Chicago Bears (9)-The best thing that could have happened to Chicago this week was the bye. They need Mitch healthy because they are a completely different team when they have him. You know what you’re getting out of the defense, but the offense is going to need to step up. Once Mitch is back, Nagy really needs to focus this offense on Cohen and Montgomery. Feature both of them in the offense as much as possible because these guys are studs!

9-Houston Texans (17)-The biggest leap of the week has to be the Texans after their huge upset over the Chiefs. They had the perfect gameplan, they stuck to it, and they pulled it off. Watson was real good, but the defense was great after the first couple of drives. This team has been that team for a while where they were the pick to finally get over the hump and really compete for a Super Bowl. After a couple big wins, it looks like this might actually be the year. Key word is MIGHT.

10-Indianapolis Colts (12)-The bye also helped the Colts as well because I do not think TY was 100% against the Chiefs and that extra time to rest will be huge for him. I also believe that the Colts really need to lean on Marlon Mack going forward. In their 2 losses Mack is averaging 18 carries per game and in their 3 wins he is averaging 22 carries per game. Getting him the ball early and sticking to that gameplan will go a long way for the Colts. It will open everything up for Brissett and Hilton down the field.

11-Buffalo Bills (13)-The bye week did not change my mind about the Bills. They have 4 wins over 3 fucking awful teams and 1 bad team who’s QB had mono. Josh Allen and this offense really suck and there is no way around it. They are 25th in the league in PPG and they have only played 1 good defense. They may prove me wrong, but I just see absolutely nothing with this offense!

12-Philadelphia Eagles (8)-The Eagles have one of the worst secondary these eyes have ever fucking seen! Then you have Zach Brown talking shit about Kirk Cousins, the Eagles getting completely shit on by Kirk Cousins, and then Brown getting dropped the next day which caps a wild week in Philly. I have faith though because Wentz is playing awesome, they are going to get D Jax back and the defense will figure it out at some point. It also helps that they play in a dumpster fire division.

13-Los Angeles Rams (7)-The Rams are in fucking shambles right now! Through 3 weeks it looked like they picked up right where they left off last year. Through 6 weeks, they look like the biggest disappointment in the NFL. I don’t buy it though. This team has way too much talent to continue this slide and Sean McVay is way too smart to not figure this shit out. If you’re a gambling man, they are easily the best value bet to win the SB right now. I think you can get them at 25-1 which is a great bet for a team that obviously has the talent to win it.

14-Minnesota Vikings (15)-Kirk played his ass off this week and finally got Stefon Diggs the blowout week we have all been waiting for. The defense looked good, but Carson Wentz almost brought the Eagles back in this game before the Ertz fumble. The D will be fine though. This team has the talent to compete with anyone, but it all comes down to Captain Kirk. If he can play even close to how he played this week, the Vikings will be there competing for a playoff spot.

15-Detroit Lions (11)-It was a heartbreaker for Lions fans Monday night, but the Lions had plenty of chances to put that game away and the offense stalled. If you want to win games in this league you need to finish drives. The playcalling has been suspect as Kerryon only had 15 touches, and I get that he was struggling, but you cannot completely abandon the run game and expect to beat the Packers. A huge reason the Lions have not made a run in the playoffs since Stafford has been there is because they have not had a run game to speak of. Now they do, so fucking use it!

16-Oakland Raiders (16)-I do like this Raiders team, and their last 2 wins are impressive, but the Bears were missing Mitch and the Colts were missing TY. A win this week at Green Bay would remove all doubt though. I know this team can play and they really need to lean on Jacobs if they want to win games.

17-Baltimore Ravens (18)-After an ugly win over Cincy, Baltimore still has not shown me shit! The defense is not good, and Lamar Jackson reminds me of a poor man’s Michael Vick. They have 4 wins over teams with a combined 4 wins. They have lost to the only decent teams they have played and they almost lost to a 3rd string QB in Pittsburgh. This team has a long way to go for me to believe that they are for real.

18-Dallas Cowboys (14)-The Cowboys are fucking frauds! They are exactly what I said they were and that is not a good football team! I don’t give a shit that Amari Cooper got hurt, I don’t give a shit that Tyron Smith was hurt, they still fucking lost. Dak is not a top 10 QB in football and Zeke was not worth $100M. Dumbest decision Jerry ever made, and guess who is going to pay for it? Jason Garrett. He will be fired before the end of the season, bank on it.

19-Cleveland Browns (20)-By virtue of everyone else losing and the Browns looking the best while also losing, they move up 1 spot. Everyone is giving up on them, but I still have faith. Baker will turn it around and so will the defense once they get healthy. Freddie Kitchens is not the fucking guy though. They had a guy in Greg Williams who would have made a great coach, but they fucked that up. They need to figure it out though before it gets out of hands. Classic Browns.

20-Pittsburgh Steelers (25)-Duck gets the job done! Devlin Hodges led the Steelers to a huge upset over the Chargers and get them right back into the AFC North race. The defense looks great and Duck is doing just enough to get it done. James Conner finally had one of those games and they needed it. Tomlin is coaching his ass off and I think he can keep it interesting and keep the Steelers around for most of the year.

21-Jacksonville Jaguars (21)-The Jags looked good on defense this week against a real good Saints offense. The issue is that they cannot fucking put it together. One week it’s the O and the next it’s the D. There will eventually be a game where they put it all together, but for now they are obviously gambling on the future after trading Ramsey away.

22-Arizona Cardinals (26)-This team is really starting to click right now. Yes, they easily could have lost against the Falcons, but they didn’t. Kyler made enough plays to get it done and the Cardinals will look to match their win total from last year against the next team on this list.

23-New York Giants (24)-They got blown out by the Pats on Thursday night, but they competed for the first half before it got out of hand. They will eventually get Barkley and Engram back which will actually form a pretty potent offense. The Giants may actually have a solid future ahead.

24-Los Angeles Chargers (19)-I am done making excuses for this joke of a team! They are awful and it fucking showed on SNF in front of the whole country. Rivers might be over the hill and the defense looks awful! The OL getting healthy might make it a little better but I don’t think there is anything turning this team all the way around.

25-Denver Broncos (28)-The Broncos defense looked real good the other day, but I don’t know if that had more to with them, or the shitty Titans offense? Flacco still kind of looks like dogshit but the run game looks pretty solid. If Flacco can be anything close to his oldself in Baltimore, the Broncos may make things interesting in the AFC.

26-New York Jets (29)-Yes I know they only have 1 win, but that entire team just looked different the other day. Sam gave life to both sides of the ball. They are still missing some pieces on D like CJ Mosley but things are starting to look up for Gang Green.

27-Tampa Bay Buccaneers (22)-Jameis single-handedly lost this week’s game for the Bucs. I very rarely blame 1 person for a loss, but there was not a whole lot anyone else could have done to help them. He threw 5 fucking picks! 5! Plus he fumbled the ball on 2 straight plays losing the 2nd one! It was pathetic! His time in TB is nearing it’s end.

28-Tennessee Titans (23)-The Titans fucking blow! They have a beast at RB and played against a team who has been getting gashed by the run and what do they decide to do? Throw the ball 18 times with Mariota before pulling him for another chode! It’s not like the game was out of hand! I don’t get it, but the Titans are fucked and Tannehill starting is not going to fix it.

29-Washington Redskins (31)-The Redskins got a win! Solely on the back of Terry McLaurin, who is a fucking beast! AD also looked great, but take it with a grain of salt because they did play the Dolphins. In the worst game the NFL could have possibly given us this weekend, the Redskins pull out their first win.

30-Atlanta Falcons (27)-LMAO! The Falcons are terrible! This Sunday just summed up their entire season. They get down to the Cardinals because the defense fucking blows, they come back using the offense that is loaded with talent, they score what should have been the game-tying TD, until Matt Bryant (one of the best kickers in the NFL over the last decade) misses a PAT to tie it. What. A. Fucking. Joke!

31-Cincinnati Bengals (30)-The Bengals are like the opposite of the Seahawks. Just like the Seahawks always find ways to win games, the Bengals always find ways to lose games. Four of their six losses are by a combined 14 points and a few of those games were firmly in their reach. Getting AJ Green back within the next few weeks will help them get their first dub.

32-Miami Dolphins (32)-I wrote earlier that the Pats are the one constant, but this year, the Dolphins will constantly be in this spot in the rankings. It doesn’t matter who plays QB or who does what, they flat out fucking blow. Fitzmagic needs to call it quits and retire and Josh Rosen just needs to fucking quit. TankForTua is in full effect in Miami.

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