Head Honcho’s CFB Power Rankings-Week 8

Another week, and another upset of an undefeated top 10 team. This time is was Illinois shocking the CFB world with a comeback win over the Badgers. Lovie Smith and his glorious beard essentially knocked Wisconsin out of the CFB Playoff with their upset on Saturday. We also maybe saw the game of the season between Kansas and Texas where Les Miles showed the entire country how big his fucking balls are by going for the win. This weekend may prove to shape the path to the Playoff like no other weekend we have ever seen. All the injuries, upsets, blowouts, close games, and everything else we saw will have an impact on who reaches the playoff.

1-Ohio State (3)-There is no question in my mind that OSU, right now, is the best team in the country. They have not given up more than 10 points in a game since Week 1 and they have the best player in the country leading that ridiculous defense! Justin Fields and JK Dobbins are leading an extremely efficient offense for the Buckeyes who have their biggest game of the season to this point coming up. They are loaded with talent everywhere, specifically on defense. They have first round draft prospects at every level and Chase Young is the best overall player in college football this year. Ryan Day is doing a great job keeping this team focused and making sure they go one week at a time. I picked them before the season to make the playoff and I am not backing off of it now!

2-Alabama (1)-There was some bad news out of Tuscaloosa this morning as Tua had surgery on his high ankle sprain. This is apparently the same surgery he had after the SEC Championship last year and was back in time for the CFB Playoff. Either way, Alabama might be shit out of luck if he can’t get back for the LSU game. Jalen Hurts is not coming to save the day this time and if LSU, OSU, Clemson, and OU all run the table Alabama is fuuuuucked! The worst part is I think Bama is worlds better than Clemson, but the ACC fucking blows so Clemson is going undefeated. Either way, they need Tua back to stay in this race and him missing more than anything but the Arkansas game may come back to bite them in the ass.

3-LSU (2)-Another convincing win over an SEC team really has this Tigers team moving in the right direction. Burrow is playing out of his goddamn mind and the defense is doing what they have to in order to win games. LSU has to get through the next 3 weeks though before we get ahead of ourselves. LSU’s next two games are at home against Auburn this week, and then on the road against Alabama after the bye. With how the teams from other conferences are looking, does a 1 loss LSU get in ahead of an undefeated Clemson or Oklahoma if that 1 loss was to Alabama? You would have to consider it right?

4-Oklahoma (4)-Jalen Hurts went crazy again and OU blew out another Big 12 opponent. I am impressed with how this offense functions, how could you not be? Oklahoma is in a similar situation to Clemson where they have played 1 ranked team and pretty much blown everyone else out. OU is way more dominant in that fashion though as they are really fuckin steamrolling people. We have seen exactly what this offense does during the regular season and we have seen it flame out in consecutive years at the CFB Playoff. The difference this year? The defense! You could take the best players from OU’s defenses over the last 5 years and they would not be better than their current defense. Finally, the Sooners have some talent on the defensive side of the ball.

5-Clemson (6)-In their first really impressive win of the season Clemson dominated Louisville! It didn’t look great to start, but the Tigers really took off in the 2nd half and got a pretty convincing win over a good Cardinals team. You would have called me crazy if I said this at the beginning of the season but Lawrence is the biggest concern for Clemson going forward. He is throwing bad interceptions against subpar defenses right now. So what happens if he plays a defense like Ohio State in the playoff? It might get ugly if he doesn’t get better.

6-Penn State (7)-The Nittany Lions looked like they were going to fucking embarrass Michigan on Saturday night. But Michigan stuck around and wound up making it a game leaving a little bit of doubt about how good Penn State really is. I for one, really like this team and what Franklin has done after losing McSorley and Barkley. Sean Clifford is tough as shit and he can make some plays. We will find out all we need to know about this team in about a month when they face off against the Buckeyes.

7-Florida (8)-This was a real nice bounce back win against a solid South Carolina team. In shitty conditions it was ugly early, but the Gators eventually pulled away on the back of Kyle Trask. The defense has come back down to earth over the last couple of weeks but they will need to turn that around in time for the Georgia game in 2 weeks.

8-Auburn (9)-As expected, the Tigers dominated Arkansas this past weekend and Auburn is still in the SEC race as well as the CFB Playoff race. They need some help, but they will need Bo Nix to play like a veteran this week against LSU. Auburn’s defense has been real good but it doesn’t look like any defense will be able to stop the Tigers, so Malzahn is going to have to come up with some kind of gameplan to keep up with them.

9-Oregon (10)-I’m telling you this Duck is really fucking good. Better than I expected even as I bet against them this weekend. They went into a tough as shit atmosphere in Seattle to play Washington and came out with a win. They fought back from an early deficit and Justin Herbert joined the Heisman conversation with a huge performance. Although very slim, Oregon still has an outside shot at the CFB Playoff and they might be a problem if they do get in.

10-Wisconsin (5)-The Badgers had the worst loss of the week and that my friends is why the phrase “trap game” exists. You could even call it a trap half. The Badgers were up 20-7 after a JT TD with 10 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Then all of Wisconsin went to fucking sleep. Illinois scored 17 of the next 20 points and pulled the upset. This is almost typical Wisconsin though. Run the shit out of the ball and play great defense for 5-6 weeks and then lose a game they shouldn’t lose. It’s like clockwork. If this loss didn’t completely eliminate them from the playoff, a loss at OSU will. This is a must win for the Badgers to save the season.

11-Utah (13)-Here is another real good team out of the Pac 12 that might have some noise to make late in the season. They completely fucking emasculated a real good Arizona State team. This defense is fucking insane. Since their loss to USC they have given up a combined 23 points and one of those games was against Washington State. This defense is legit and the hope is to see them face off against Justin Herbert and Oregon in the Pac 12 title game. They’ll have to get by Washington in Seattle to make that happen though.

12-Georgia (11)-After the worst loss of the season in college football Georgia was not very convincing in their comeback game. I mean it was pouring rain, which is a huge equalizer, but Fromm only threw for 35 yards and they didn’t score a point in the first half. They rode the back of D’Andre Swift to a real ugly win at home against a bad Kentucky team. The offense needs to be fixed, and it needs to happen fucking fast. They will get eaten alive by Florida.

13-Notre Dame (12)-Notre Dame is coming off a bye and they head to Ann Arbor this weekend. This win won’t look near as big as they wanted it to before the season started. Michigan has 2 losses and if Notre Dame beats them that would probably knock them out of the rankings completely. They are essentially eliminated from the playoff barring a goddamn miracle.

14-Cincinnati (15)-The Bearcats are going to be in a dog fight for the AAC championship and now with Boise’s loss they seem to be in the best position to grab the G5 spot in the NY6.

15-Baylor (19)-Baylor waltzed into Stillwater and completely fucking embarrassed Oklahoma State. They made Sam Sanders look like a bitch all night and showed they are coming for OU’s ass!

16-Texas (16)-I think almost losing to Kansas is being overblown. This isn’t the Kansas of old and Texas picked up a much needed conference win coming off a loss in the RRS.

17-SMU (20)-Temple is a really good football team and SMU dismantled them this weekend. They completely dominated and they too are looking for that G5 spot in the New Year’s 6.

18-Minnesota (21)-The Gophers got a gimme over fucking Rutgers this weekend. They still haven’t lost though. It doesn’t get easier than this though as the Gophers have PSU, Iowa, and Wisconsin still on the schedule.

19-Boise State (14)-They were without their starting QB this week so take this L with a grain of salt. This team is still awesome and Hank will have them back to winning as soon as he gets back.

20-Appalachain State (24)-Who would have ever though that beating Michigan all those years ago would lead to one of the greatest stories in CFB. From FCS to ranked in the AP Poll for 2 straight weeks is unbelievable!

21-Michigan (18)-The Wolverines stayed strong and stuck around the PSU game and that showed me more then the win against Iowa did. With OSU likely going to the playoff, a spot in the Rose Bowl may still be up for grabs.

22-Memphis (UR)-Memphis bounced back from their first loss to destroy Tulane. They are still hanging around in the AAC as well. Hands up if you think the AAC is better than the ACC!

23-Arizona State (17)-The Sun Devils played a real good team on the road and got beaten pretty badly. They are still a good team and they stuck around in this game for a while.

24-Iowa (UR)-Iowa gets back in the win column after 2 straight losses. They needed this win and although it was hard fought, a win is a fucking win after you’ve lost 2 straight.

25-Iowa State (UR)-Brock Purdy has this team rolling right now and hopefully they can roll right through Stillwater.

Dropped From Rankings

Temple, Washington, Missouri

It happened again as a top 10 team went down to an unranked team! There are a few teams that need to be on upset alert this weekend and really make sure they stay focused.

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