Unfiltered Heisman Rankings-Week 8

Every week I watch as much College Football as I can. I usually have two TVs going plus my laptop, but even all that isn’t enough to keep up with the guys in this year’s Heisman race. This weekend in particular, I feel like all I did was go smoke for 5 fucking minutes and Oklahoma was already up 14-0. I get up to get something to eat during the LSU game after MSU made 9-7 and I come back with 45 second left in the half and LSU scored fucking twice in that span. It’s not just that these guys are putting up huge numbers, it is that they are so goddamn efficient it’s insane. 

These guys just keep balling out every single week and it does not matter how great one of them plays because the next man up is going to match it. It has happened almost every week so far this year. 

1-Joe Burrow-173/218 Passing, 2,484 Yards, 29 TDs, 3 Ints, 2 Rushing TDs-Another day and another 300 Yard, 4 TD game for Burrow. He has 4 of them on the season now through 7 games and that is just fucking ridiculous! Burrow has completed changed the narrative at LSU and is looking to become only the 2nd Heisman winner in LSU history. Barring a ridiculous collapse, he will undoubtedly be the first LSU player to finish in the top 3 since 1962. He has a chance to break both the SEC passing yards record as well as the TD record this year and he will be the first LSU QB to even be in the top 25 in either category. Joe is changing the game as they know it in Baton Rouge and it may just lead to a Heisman trophy for him.

2-Jalen Hurts-114/154 Passing, 2,074 Yards, 20 TDs, 3 Ints, 705 Rushing Yards, 10 Rushing TDs-Jalen is probably the most efficient passer in the country this year. I mean he threw for 316 yards this week on only 17 fucking passes! He was 16-17 with 3 TDs this week! That’s unfuckingbelievable! He is currently leading the best offense in the country and they are just blowing people out. Most games are not close and they have not scored less than 34 points in any game this year. I mean they are averaging over 600 yards per game this year for fucks sake. No one in the country is even averaging more than 555! Jalen is right in the hunt to win the Heisman for OU for the third straight year!

3-Tua Tagovailoa-145/194 Passing, 2,166 Yards, 27 TDs, 2 Ints, 2 Rushing TDs-Tua’s Heisman stock really took a hit this weekend as he exited the Tennessee game early with a high ankle sprain. It may not have taken too much of a hit, but leaving this game having thrown 0 TDs and 1 Int was not great. At this point, it may also take him out of the race if he were to miss any time at all, even if it’s just 1 week. Tua has been fucking phenomenal all year long and he may have gotten robbed last year and it may happen again this year. He leads the country in total QBR and is leading the number 1 team in the country right now. If he doesn’t miss any time he is still squarely in this race, but with the way the other guys are going, missing 1 week would likely kill his chances. 

4-Justin Fields-116/164 Passing, 1,492 Yards, 22 TDs, 1 Int, 291 Rushing Yards, 8 TDs-Justin Fields has been unreal and at this point he has made Georgia look like a bunch of assholes for picking Fromm over him. There is no other way to put it. In this race though, the one thing working against him is his total yards. He has 300 total yards less than Tua and almost a thousand yards less then Hurts. Fields is a longshot at this point, but a few big games against tough opponents, starting against Wisconsin this week can change that narrative real fucking quick.

5-Justin Herbert-158/232 Passing, 1,882 Yards, 21 TDs, 1 Int-Justin Herbert is quietly leading one of the best teams in the country and he is quietly putting together an incredible fucking season. The Ducks are one fluke play away from being undefeated and Herbert being right in the middle of this conversation. Well it’s fucking time to put him there because a road win in Seattle with 280 and 4 TDs is no small feat. Herbert’s name will start popping up more and more as long as the Ducks keep winning with him leading the way. 

Honorable Mentions

Jonathan Taylor-157 Rushes, 957 Yards, 15 TDs, 138 Receiving Yards, 4 TDs

Chuba Hubbard-194 Rushes, 1,265 Yards, 15 TDs

Sam Ehlinger-177/255 Passing, 2,057 Yards, 21 TDs, 3 Ints, 318 Rush Yards, 5 TDs

J.K. Dobbins-134 Rushes, 947 Yards, 7 TDs, 74 Receiving Yards, 2 TDs

Sean Clifford-116/184 Passing, 1,742 Yards, 16 TDS, 2 Ints, 269 Rush Yards, 3 TDs

A lot of movement in this week’s rankings, but we are getting to that point in the season where to real contenders separate themselves from the rest of the pack which is exactly what is happening with the top 4. There are some huge games in the coming weeks that will sure as shit have an impact on this race.

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