Unfiltered Sports NBA Finals Predictions

The 2019 NBA season is set to start tonight and I cannot remember a time where so much has changed from one season to the next. For the first time in over 5 years you will see more than 2 teams picked to win the championship in the preseason. Honestly, there are probably 6 or 7 who have a legitimate shot at winning it all this year. 

We already have some terrible fucking injuries that will impact the playoff races to start the season as well as some of the awards races. It looks like Paul George may miss up to a month and he was an MVP finalist last year. We have all heard about the Zion news which is fucking awful, but another reason why preseason is the worst in every single sport! He will miss 1-2 months which will likely hurt the Pelicans chances at reaching the playoffs and it completely changes the landscape for the ROY race. 

Even with everything that has happened so far, this NBA season is going to be fucking awesome! So without further ado…

Poeflo really likes the Clippers and their additions of Kawhi and PG13. They were a playoff team last year and they gave the Warriors (with KD) everything they could handle in 6 games last year. Adding two of the best two way players to a team with one of the best defensive guards in the game gives the Clippers a lock down frontcourt that most teams will not be able to handle. 

He also thinks the 76ers made themselves the favorites in the east with the addition of Al Horford. Horford was an underrated move this offseason and he will add depth to a team that is looking to limit the minutes of its stars. It also looks like Ben Simmons has developed a jumper (maybe) and if he adds that to his arsenal we could be looking at a darkhorse MVP candidate. 

I on the other hand like the other LA team. Lebron is still Lebron, and had he not gotten hurt last year I am convinced the Lakers make the playoffs. They made one of the biggest splashes in the offseason by trading for AD even though he will be a free agent at season’s end. They don’t have the depth they had last year, but they do have some role players who know what their role is and that will a huge difference between this year’s team and last year’s team. When it comes down to it, Lebron is still the best player on the planet and when you add a guy like AD to a team with Lebron it becomes a team that will be almost impossible to stop.

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