Grossman’s Gambling Guide-NFL Week 8

Everything looked great to start Week 7 last week, and then it all went to shit! The Rams were blowing out the Falcons, the Colts and Texans were scoring a shit ton of points, and the Bills and Dolphins only had 6 combined points at the end of the first quarter. Well then two of the worst fucking offenses in football went for 45 over the next 3 quarters while the Chargers had one of the worst goal line series you will ever see and the Seahawks got exposed as frauds.

Melvin Gordon is a fucking chode!

On top of that my Easy Money Moneyline Parlay did not hit, but I have an even better one this week!

Overall ATS: 10-12

Overall O/U: 3-6

New York Jets @ Jacksonville Jaguars -6.5

If you are a real fan of the NFL, you know the Jets are not as bad as they played on MNF against the Pats. Adam Gase is not exactly the reason they lost, but he is 100% the reason they got humiliated. That will not happen again as the Jets have a lot of fucking talent on this roster. The Jaguars have been a weird team this year with Minshew Mania and the Ramsey situation. They have not been good though. Minshew Mania took over the nation, but it’s more of the story than his actual play on the field. The Jets defense will be ready for it this week as well as Leonard Fournette.

On the other side of things, the Jets offense is going to break out. I expect big games from Robby Anderson and LeVeon Bell as the Jets show that they are in fact a real NFL team this week.

Pick: Jets +6.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Tennessee Titans -2.5

The Titans looked like a complete football team for the first time in a while last week. Derrick Henry was not at his best rushing the football, but because of the QB switch, they were still able to pull out a win. Tannehill brought Corey Davis and AJ Brown back to life as the Titans pass attack finally won them a game. The Bucs have one of the worst secondaries in football which means we will probably see another big game from Tannehill.

The Titans are among the best in the league in TO differential which means you can probably expect a few mistakes out of good ole Jameis Winston today. In his last start Winston had 6 TOs and he has really not looked great all season long with one or two exceptions. This Titans defense is pretty good and even coming off of a bye I don’t expect much out of the Tampa offense.

Pick: Titans -2.5

Green Bay Packers -5.5 @ Kansas City Chiefs

Pat Mahomes is out for the Chiefs and I really shouldn’t have to say much more than that. Matt Moore looked OK in his time against Denver, but the Packers have had a full week of preparation for a backup QB and it might get ugly. This game is almost meaningless for the Chiefs though. They just need Mahomes healthy. The Packers though, have looked like one of the most complete teams in the NFL. Rodgers looks like Rodgers again and everything seems to be clicking right now.

The Chiefs have lost two in a row at home and the defense has looked fucking awful in every game except the TNF game against the Broncos. Look for another big game from Rodgers and Aaron Jones as the Packers look to move to 7-1.

Pick: Green Bay Packers -5.5

Denver Broncos @ Indianapolis Colts O/U 41.5

I know, the Broncos offense looked like dogshit last week against the Chiefs, but a long week will turn it around a little bit. Royce Freeman is starting to look like a RB again and even after losing Sanders I think Flacco still has some solid weapons to hit on the outside against this subpar Colts defense.

Jacoby Brissett on the other hand has been playing out of his mind since the loss to the Raiders. He led them into KC and beat the Chiefs and then they dominated the Texans last week while he threw for 4 TDs. I expect another big game from him as the Colts offense looks to be humming.

Pick: Over 41.5

The Easy Money Moneyline Parlay lost last week, but I got a fucking banger this week!

EMMP: 0-1

Week 8 Easy Money Moneyline Parlay

Colts over Broncos
Saints over Cardinals
Rams over Bengals
Patriots over Browns

This one will pay out pretty much even money, but its a fucking GUARANTEE!

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