The NBA Season is Over a Week Old and We Have Learned Quite a Bit

It was over a week ago that Ernie, Chuck, Kenny, and Shaq graced us with their television presence for the 30th anniversary of Inside the NBA. It was electric! Chuck is the definition of carefree and he is one of the most entertaining people to watch on all of television. Inside the NBA opened up the 2019-2020 NBA season for us and the one thing everyone has on opening night is hope.

Well a week and a half into the season all hope is already lost for a few teams. I think the biggest example of this is the Warriors. I had them as a fringe playoff team in the West, but now they will be contending for the #1 pick in the 2020 draft.

They looked fucking awful in their first two games. Obviously Steph was Steph but they were most definitely not the same team. They got their fucking doors blown off by the Clippers in their opener giving up 140 points. They followed that up with an even worse performance, getting blown out by the Thunder giving up 120 points. The defense had been the biggest problem, but the offense was not the same with Steph being the only real scoring threat.

The biggest moment of their season so far was when Steph broke his hand on Wednesday night because that immediately puts them in the lottery hunt. There is not near enough talent on this team to overcome this injury and their season is essentially over.

The Kings came into the season with the hopes that they would see some progression from their young core, especially after paying Buddy Hield. Well that hasn’t happened as they are off to an 0-5 start and are only 1 of 2 teams averaging less than 100 PPG this year. It’s not impossible to overcome, but in the loaded Western Conference, it will be extremely difficult. They have looked like complete shit though and I think the season is all but over for them.

Oklahoma City came in as a question mark for me. They have some real close losses to good teams, but the one that stands out to me is the loss at home to Washington. It was a 12 point loss and they looked fucking awful only putting up 85 points against a team that is supposed to be one of the worst in the league. I had them as a fringe playoff team as well, but the offense hasn’t clicked like I thought it would with CP3 running it. He (CP3) will be gone by January and the Thunder will go into a complete rebuild.

Another theme I’m noticing is that there is still no clear cut favorite. All of the top teams have had their moments of looking great, but they have also all looked bad at times as well. Philly has probably looked the best, but we still don’t know what we will get from them on the offensive end. Embiid is a fucking beast, but they don’t have a threat on the wing and that may come back to bite them in the ass against the class of the league.

I won’t pass judgement on the Clippers until George is back, but they have not looked great so far while the other LA team may have less depth than everyone in the NBA. They have no one to score off the bench and even with Lebron and AD, that will be hard to win with in the playoffs.

Obviously, we are only a week in to the season and the top dogs will put it together at some point, but it is interesting to watch some of these teams struggle early on.

One thing I may have completely fucked up was the rising of Pascal Siakam. Through 5 games he is averaging 29 and 10 and has made me look and feel like a complete fucking idiot in the process. He has been unbelievable! Siakam should be a DPOY candidate at the very least and if he keeps these numbers up he will probably be in the MVP conversation. I thought taking over the “the guy” would make him go in the other direction but I was wrong and I am here admitting that. Now, some regression from his current pace is to be expected, but he has shown me that he can be a star in this league.

I am positive of one thing though: Nobody lost the Trae Young-Luka Doncic deal.

Both of these guys are going to be superstars. Doncic, to me, has the ability to be the next Jason Kidd, while Trae looks like he might be the next Steph Curry. Both of these guys can fucking play and you cannot dispute that. I will hear some arguments that Luka will be better, but based on what I have seen to this point, they are both going to be superstars sometime soon!

Those 2 guys were 1st and 2nd in RoY voting last year, but I think it will be a much more wide open race this year. The preseason favorite, Zion, will miss too much time (unless he comes back and just shits on the entire fucking league) to be in contention for this award. Right now, I really like RJ Barrett, Ja Morant, and Tyler Herro as the three guys to watch this year.

Barrett’s usage rate is going to be sky high playing with the Knicks and he is ridiculously talented, so he will put up some real good numbers.

Morant was my favorite prospect coming out of the draft and I think he has the potential to be the best player from this draft. If he can develop a consistent 3 ball he is going to be scary for a long time. For this year, has already made a big impact blocking Kyrie to set up a game winner against the Nets. His numbers won’t be gaudy like Barrett’s might be but he will have just as much, if not more of an impact on his team.

Herro on the other hand is going to be a huge contributor on a team that is going to actually compete in the East. He is a way more complete player than people give him credit for and he will finally be able to showcase that this season. I put a couple units down on him with the value he had at 25-1.

We will try to make this a weekly thing, but no guarantees. It’s a long season and a lot happens on a day to day basis. Keep reading and make sure to subscribe!

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