Grossman’s Gambling Guide-NFL Week 9

If you are a fan of a team in the NFL, fade that fucking game every single week! Never bet on or against your favorite team because it is always a fucking disaster! Last week the Jets not only lost me 2 units, but they also gave me a week’s worth of anxiety after playing like absolute dog shit in Jacksonville. That was a fucking nightmare!

Other then that, it was a solid week, except the Broncos and Colts forgot how to do anything on fucking offense. Both teams are full of fucking chodes and the Colts are now the most confusing team in the NFL.

Overall ATS: 12-13

Overall O/U: 3-7

Indianapolis Colts -1 @ Pittsburgh Steelers

I do think this will be a really good game. The Steelers defense has been real solid and the offense has been good enough. The Colts defense has come up big when it’s been needed and the offense is making enough plays to have the Colts on top of the AFC South.

The Colts love to run the ball and Pittsburgh is right in the middle of the pack for stopping the run giving up over 100 YPG. The only issue is that Pittsburgh has no James Conner this week. Jaylen Samuels is a capable backup but he is not Conner and I don’t see the Steelers having a whole lot of success moving the ball. That means the Steelers defense is going to be on the field a lot and they will get a steady dose of Marlon Mack.

The Colts will be missing TY, but they will rely on the run game and they will pull this one out. It will probably end with one of these again…

Pick: Colts -1

Green Bay Packers -4 @ Los Angeles Chargers

The Packers have looked like one of the best teams in football this year. Rodgers has been almost unstoppable and we are finally seeing what Aaron Jones can do now that that fatass Mike McCarthy is gone.

The Chargers are allowing over 120 rush YPG this year and I expect the Packers to give Aaron Jones plenty of work this week. It will basically be a home game for the Packers and both Aarons are going to ball the fuck out.

Rivers has been under siege all year with the awful OL play he has been getting and teams can go right after him because they can’t fuckin run the ball. The Smiths in the front seven for GB are also going to have huge games and they will be up Rivers ass all day long.

Pick: Packers -4

Cleveland Browns -4.5 @ Denver Broncos

Look, the Broncos offense was real fucking bad before Flacco went on IR. Now they have some schmuck making his NFL debut against an angry and desperate Browns team. Myles Garrett is going to get after it on the DL and Fat Freddie knows that he is coaching for his life from this point on.

Baker has had a rough couple weeks, but I expect him to come out firing this week against a solid Broncos defense. Their best bet will be to design routes to get the ball out of Baker’s hands quick and let the playmakers on the outside make plays.

You can also expect to see plenty of Nick Chubb because Denver has gotten gashed on the ground at times this year. Fournette ran for 200+ against them and Chubb has been awesome this year for the most part.

The Broncos are starting backup Brandon Allen and it might get ugly really quickly for the Broncos. Denver, with Flacco, was only 26th in the league in total yards per game. They are only averaging 200 YPG through the air and I expect to see 7-8 Browns in the box on almost every play while they dare Allen to beat them. Barring a miraculous performance from him, I don’t see it happening.

Pick: Browns -4.5

Green Bay Packers @ Los Angeles Chargers O/U 49

The Packers are going to score points. We know that! The Chargers are the ones bringing this line down, but I don’t think their offense is as bad as they have played over the last couple of weeks. Rivers will be playing from behind, and Rivers is money when playing from behind! I don’t think the game will be all that close, but 31-20 gets the job done.

Pick: Over 49

My Easy Money Moneyline Parlay hit last week to bring my record to 1-1 on that! Of course, I have another one for you guys this week!

Eagles over Bears
Seahawks over Bucs
Colts over Steelers
Packers over Chargers

This one will pay out at about 1.5 to 1 so get it in! It’s easy fuckin money!

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