NFL Teams Need to Fire Bad Coaches as Soon as Possible!

This year, the NFL seems to be all about shitty football teams. There are 4 teams with 1 win and the Bengals still have yet to win a game. There are another 3 teams with only 2 wins through 8 weeks.

Some of these teams are not as bad as their record and have been competitive like the Bucs who are 2-6, but for the most part, there are a lot of shitty teams this year.

The funny thing is, only 2 of those 8 coaches have an excuse. Brian Flores came into Miami and the front office immediately started a firesale while Zac Taylor has dealt with a whole bunch of bullshit with the Bengals.

Adam Gase, Freddie Kitchens, and Dan Quinn all have no fucking excuses for where their teams are at. Quinn should have been fired after last season but Arthur Blank’s dumbass brought him back.

The Falcons have been one of the biggest laughingstocks in the NFL this year and they have one of the worst fucking defenses you will ever see. Keep in mind, Dan Quinn was brough in as a “defensive wizard” after his time in Seattle.

The Falcons are one of the most penalized teams in football which is a reflection of 1 thing: coaching. Quinn has no control over any aspect of this team and it fucking shows. They aren’t just losing games, they are getting blown the fuck out. Dan Quinn had his run, but now he needs to get fired and run his ass back to Pete Carroll’s back pocket.

Freddie Kitchens never should have gotten the Browns job to begin with. Greg Williams had full control of that team and his defense was a huge reason for their success last year. Now the Browns are 2-6 and Kitchens looks like a fucking fool!

People were handing the AFC North to the Browns during the offseason. They added OBJ, Kareem Hunt, and they showed a lot of hope at the end of last year. Well now they will be playing for a top 10 draft pick the rest of the season because Kitchens can’t figure it out.

People are placing entirely too much blame on Baker Mayfield. He is a 2nd year QB with no OL and a dumb fucking coach who doesn’t know the strengths of his own offense. Kitchens is calling all the wrong plays and using all the wrong personnel sets and there is no fucking excuse for a team this talented to be 2-6.

Gase is the worst one of them all. He has one claim to fame and that is coaching Peyton Manning in his record breaking season in Denver. That’s it. He went to Miami and went to the playoffs once in 4 seasons, finished under .500 during his tenure and ended Ryan Tannehill’s career with the Dolphins.

He was brought in to develop Sam Darnold and bring life to a lifeless offense. He has done the exact fucking opposite of that! He has driven this team as low as it’s been in 30 fucking years. For an “offensive minded” coach to get embarrassed the way he did in NE is fucking awful! For an “offensive minded” coach to lead his offense to a combine 33 points against Jacksonville and Miami is a fucking abomination!

The Jets have more talent on this roster than they have had in the last 8 years combined, but somehow the offense looks worse than it did when Mark Sanchez was fumbling off his own OL’s ass! It’s fucking pathetic!

Gase is not a first year head coach! He is a veteran coach who is just a complete idiot! Joe Douglas, we get it, you didn’t compile this roster, but you need to make your first big move. That move is firing Adam Gase’s dumbass. Keeping him puts the Jets into another 8-10 years of top 6 draft picks and no playoff appearances!

The narrative that teams need to wait to fire first year coaches is complete and total bullshit! We are watching two promising young teams be completely derailed by their idiotic fucking coaches and if they don’t make the move soon, it could set their franchises back a couple years.

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