These CFB Playoff Rankings Don’t Mean Shit!

Every year the CFB Playoff Committee releases their rankings entirely too early! Releasing them after Week 9 is absolutely insane because there is still so much football to play! At least 2 of the top 4 teams are guaranteed to lose a game in the next 3 weeks. LSU plays Alabama this week while Penn State plays OSU in Week 12. 

By the time conference championship games are done, we pretty much know who it’s going to be because of these rankings. The Committee should not release any rankings during the season and let the fans and the media go fucking crazy until after conference championship games are done. The only CFB Playoff rankings should be released at the end of the season to let us know who made the playoff. It would cause chaos within the media, but it would be so much fucking fun for everyone to guess leading up to it. 

Now since the rankings don’t work that way, and they have been released let’s get into them.

People are losing their mind because and undefeated Clemson team, that started the season as the almost unanimous #1, is ranked #5. Well it’s really not that big of a deal when you actually dive into it. Clemson being at #5 is easy for the Committee because they will absolutely be in the top 4 next week after the Alabama-LSU game. It’s all about the end game and Clemson winning out (which they most likely will) means they are in no matter what.

ESPN published what might be the most idiotic article they have ever fucking published after the reveal last night. The article, by Andrea Adelson, talks about how Clemson should not be number 5 because of Trevor Lawrence not throwing a pick in his last 7 quarters and other dumb shit like that. She also mentions the record of Clemson’s opponents and I fucking hate when people do that in College Football. Clemson has played 2 FCS teams this year! Those 2 FCS teams are a combined 11-7 this season. If you use the records of those teams to justify Clemson’s schedule, you are a complete fucking idiot!

This lady doesn’t even compare the Tigers to Penn State (the #4 team) except when using advanced metrics like FPI, which was created by ESPN. She compares them to Alabama. Her comparison is based solely off the fact that they have played similar schedules which is true. Why this doesn’t fucking matter though is because Alabama has at least 2 ranked games left on their schedule. They have LSU this week and Auburn in 4 weeks to end the season. If they win those 2 they would have already proved more than Clemson could prove all season, but they would still have to go to Atlanta to face another top 10 team in Georgia. 

Clemson’s only remaining ranked game is against Wake in two weeks, and if they can’t beat Virginia Tech, they won’t be ranked anymore. Then after they beat Wake their best possible test in the ACC championship will be against 3 or 4 loss Virginia or Pitt. Talk about opponents all you want, but the ACC doesn’t hold a fucking candle to the SEC. 

Here is a scenario for you that would be fucking awesome without the rankings. Ohio State, Clemson, Baylor, and Alabama all finish undefeated. LSU has 1 loss to Alabama, PSU has 1 loss to OSU. Do the 4 undefeateds get in, or does LSU or PSU get in with 1 loss to the top 2 teams. 

Clemson at that point would have 1 ranked win over WF with Baylor having a better ranked win over Oklahoma. LSU and PSU would both have at least 2 ranked wins as well. Does the committee go by a team’s record? Do they go by their resume? 

See how much fucking fun it would be to have a scenario like this if we didn’t know the rankings?! With these rankings out now though, we know the committee doesn’t like Baylor and an undefeated Clemson team will get in no matter what. 

My point is, these rankings do not fucking matter right now! It would be so much more fun to speculate down the stretch about which teams are where, rather than have these rankings to pretty much tell us Clemson is going to get in if they win out.

Fuck the CFB Playoff Committee and fuck ESPN for feeding into the bullshit and letting idiots write articles!

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