College Basketball is Back Baby!

On the night of the first CFB Playoff Rankings reveal, College Basketball fucking ruled! An unmatched opening slate of games ruled the sports world on Tuesday Night. Not only were there matchups between the top 4 teams in the country, but all 4 of those teams are blue bloods in college basketball. Michigan State, Kentucky, Kansas, and Duke have all dominated their respective conferences for the better part of the last 50 years, and some even longer than that.

These games are great for grabbing attention and bringing fans right back into it, but honestly I am with the coaches on this one. Let the teams get a few games in before the big matchups begin. The ACC kind of fucked this up too.

The Atlantic Coast Conference opened their season with 7 conference games in the first 2 nights. The glaring issue was the rust has not worn off yet. The games were pretty ugly for the most part. I mean I know UVA is a great defensive team but they won a high school game (48-34). Syracuse only scored 34 fucking points! Jim Boeheim has almost been coaching as long as Tony Bennett has been alive and his team could only manage 34 fucking points?! That is fucking insane, and completely unnecessary.

As for the two big games on opening night, they are pointless, other than to attract viewers. The teams have not rounded into shape yet and some of the teams are not even fully healthy yet. Kentucky beat Michigan State, but I still think Michigan State is the best team in the country. If they played say in 3 weeks I would take MSU to cover an 8 point spread. On opening night though, anything can happen, which is part of the reason they do it.

After last year’s opening night debacle, most people wrote Kentucky off while they crowned Duke the National Champs after 1 fucking game. Well Duke and Kentucky wound up making it to the same round in the NCAA tournament which was the Elite 8.

No regular season in all of sports is more meaningless than College Basketball. There are 347 teams in Division 1 College Basketball and 68 of them make the tournament. It’s not like College Football where if you lose 1 you’re done. Teams in college basketball can lose 3 or 4 in a row and still win a national championship. Every single one of those 347 teams gets a chance to play in their conference tournament, regardless of how shitty they are. Every single team has a chance to make it to the Big Dance, and when there, every single team has a chance to win the whole god damn thing.

The most predictable of regular seasons is followed by the most unpredictable of postseasons. Between the conference tournaments and the NCAA tournament, it is absolute fucking madness!

I hate making CBB predictions because anything can happen in that tournament, but I will give you a list of 8 teams. The winner of the NCAA Championship this year will be on this list and I will highlight who I think has the best chance to win of these 8. I will also give you a list of 8 players. The winner of the NPOY will be on this list! That is about as much as you’ll get out of me for CBB predictions!


Michigan State









Cassius Winston

Cole Anthony

Jordan Nwora

Kerry Blackshear

Markus Howard

Udoka Azubuike

Tre Jones

Anthony Edwards

Sit back and enjoy the fucking ride!

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