The Devil Works Hard, but Mark Emmert Works Harder

The NCAA is a complete fucking joke! There are no two ways around it. In a span of 8 hours they changed the lives of 2 kids who have aspirations to play professional sports. All of it boils down to this fucking scumbag, Mark Emmert! He is the most non-sensical, delusional, asshole on the face of the planet! Everything you are about to read happened in some way shape or form because of him!

Chase Young, a DE for Ohio State, and James Wiseman, the highly touted freshman superstar basketball player at Memphis have both been suspended.

Chase Young apparently accepted a loan from a family friend a while back. He has since paid back the loan in full but that of course is not good enough for those scumbags at the NCAA. Nobody can you help you out while you are a struggling student athlete. Chase has been suspended for this week’s game at the very least while the NCAA investigates.

Chase has been one of the biggest names in college football all season. He has even climbed to the top of some Heisman rankings as a defensive end. He is the best player on the best defense in the country and right now, OSU has no idea when he will be back. I have some advice for Chase. Don’t go back! Don’t give the NCAA the fucking satisfaction! Take the rest of the year off and go straight to the NFL! Take a look at how that has worked for Nick Bosa this year. I mean he was coming off of an injury, but he misses the last half of OSU’s season while healthy and now he is the frontrunner for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

James Wiseman on the other hand has not been a household name yet. He was well on his way to getting there though. In his first career college basketball game at Memphis he put up a ridiculous 28 points, 11 boards, and 3 blocks. He was getting some NPOY buzz and now it’s all gone. Wiseman is ineligible indefinitely which means we probably will not see him for the rest of season. It also probably means that his first college game was also his last game. He is absolutely going to be a top 5 pick in the draft next year and he too needs to not let the NCAA have the satisfaction of dictating his life!

Wiseman and his family were moving a while back and Penny Hardaway, Wiseman’s coach at Memphis, lended him a hand. The NCAA declared Hardaway a booster which means that him helping Wiseman was illegal. The least booster thing ever is helping someone move! It’s not like he bought the house for them, he just fucking helped them get there! Well now that move has lost Penny his best player.

As I am writing this, I got the update the Wiseman will play tonight on a technicality, but his status for the rest of the season is still up in the air.

At this point players should be scared to eat a meal out with their parents. These kids cannot receive anything from anyone and it’s fucking ridiculous!

The whole point here is that the NCAA is a fucking joke! The rules that these kids have to live under make no fucking sense and we will absolutely see more kids like RJ Hampton. RJ Hampton told the NCAA to suck his dick while he went and played in Australia. He is going to be a top 10 pick as well without having to deal with the NCAA. Lamelo Ball is doing the same thing and he is getting #1 pick buzz.

The NCAA is an organization run by egomaniacs and the only people who can bring it down are the players. The football players don’t have the options that the basketball players do, but they need to do something! We are going to start seeing basketball players go all over the world after high school rather than risk losing a whole season in the NCAA.

You can think all you want that the Pay to Play will change the NCAA, but we should all know the truth of the matter is that nothing will change the NCAA. It is really shitty to have such bullshit violations ruin the college careers of two of the countries brightest stars!

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