4 Players Who Can Still Win the Heisman

After an enormous slate of games in Week 11, we are down to 4 players who can win the Heisman. There is a heavy favorite in Joe Burrow, but if he shits the bed in the SEC championship game (Tua last year), any one of the next 3 guys can sneak up and win it.

Burrow’s Award to Lose

Joe Burrow was already the Heisman favorite entering his Week 11 matchup with Alabama. He essentially won the award with his performance on Saturday. Not only were the stats ridiculous, it was the way he did it.

After taking a 20 point lead into half time, it seemed over and it would have been easy for the Tigers to relax. After Bama started making the comeback, it would have been easy for them to panic. Burrow and the Tiger offense did nothing of the sort. He answered almost every single time. Whether they needed a quick score, or a long methodical drive, he came up with it.

Burrow finished with 393 yards through the air and 3 TDs. He also added 64 yards rushing and he picked up some BIG first downs with his feet. Just as important as stats are the “Heisman Moments” and he had about 5 or 6 of them in this week’s game.

The Rest of the Pack

The other 3 guys who can still win this award are Jalen Hurts, Justin Fields, and Tua Tagovailoa. Tua is the longest shot of these guys as he will not have a conference championship to play in. He really needs to have 3 huge games to end the season and the Tide absolutely need to beat Auburn for him to even have a chance.

Justin Fields has an outside shot at winning this award still. After playing only 1 half of football against Maryland this week, Fields threw for 200 yards and 3 TDs, while adding 28 yards rushing and another TD. Fields has been going back and forth with Hurts all year for the lead in Total TDs.

What has hurt Fields is his lack of passing yards. He has only toppled 200 yards 5 times this year with his highest output being 224 yards. The TDs are there, but the volume and yardage has not been which may hurt him in the voting.

What is working on his side, is the fact that he is leading arguably the best team in the country. The Buckeyes are undefeated and barring a setback, will finish the season undefeated. He has plenty of chances to have his “Heisman Moments” but he will still need a Burrow fuck up to steal this award.

The only other player who has a real chance to win this award in my mind is Jalen Hurts. Hurts has been phenomenal all year and that 1 loss against K-State may come back to bite him in the ass. He still has at least 1 huge matchup left and if he can dominate an undefeated Baylor team he may creep up even closer to Burrow.

Hurts still needs Burrow to falter in the SEC Championship game, but he has the best chance to steal this award from him. He has 39 total TDs and has been one of the most efficient passers in the country all year long. He needs his “Heisman Moments” in the Baylor game and he will need a few more in the Big 12 Championship game.

Remember, last year this award was Tua’s to lose, and he did lose it. He shit the bed in the SEC Championship game and Kyler snuck up and essentially stole it.

Like I said, it’s Burrows to lose, but there are still a few guys in the field who can pull a Kyler and steal it from him.

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