College Gameday Game of the Week-Waco, Texas

Last week I was almost spot on in my prediction of the LSU-Bama Game. I was only off by a couple off points and only one point off predicting the right margin of victory.

Almost every College Gameday Game at this point will have huge playoff implications. Last week may have been an elimination game as a home loss by Alabama is going to be pretty hard to overcome.

This week, an undefeated Baylor team hosts the usual top dog in the Big 12, Oklahoma. If Baylor wins, their path for the playoff just got much clearer, but if they lose, the Big 12 is pretty much eliminated.

There is a lot on the line today and it is going to be a fucking awesome game! It is expected to be the largest crowd in the history of McLane Stadium.

Let’s jump right into this matchup as Baylor looks to stay undefeated!

Waco, Texas

#10 Oklahoma @ #13 Baylor

Obviously the story here is one of the best offenses in the country against a real good Baylor defense. Oklahoma is averaging 30 yards more per game than everyone else in the country this year. They will have to find a way to maintain that firepower though without starting RB, Trey Sermon.

Run Game Without Sermon

With Sermon out, I expect Lincoln Riley to draw up a few more designed runs for Hurts. He is one of the best rushing QBs in the country and they are going to need him to pick up some yards on the ground.

Oklahoma is averaging over 240 yards per game on the ground while Baylor is allowing less than 130 YPG on the season. The biggest key for Baylor is going to be containing Hurts in the pocket. If he gets out of the pocket, that is where he is dangerous because he can beat with you his arm and legs.

There will also be a big dosage of Kennedy Brooks this week. He is averaging over 8 YPC on the season and between him and Hurts, this rush game is still going to be hard as shit to stop for the Bears.

Air Raid

We all know what Oklahoma’s offense is all about though. Getting the ball downfield through the air. Two years ago it was Baker, last year it was Kyler, and now it’s Jalen. Two years ago it was Dede Westbrook, last year it was Hollywood Brown, and this year it’s Ceedee Lamb.

Ceedee Lamb as seen in previous games, is a fucking man! He is averaging over 100 YPG this year and over 22 yards per reception! That is ridiculous for a guy who catches at least 5 balls per game.

Watching OU take their shots downfield is going to be interesting because nobody in the Big 12 stops the big plays like Baylor does. They have allowed less than 30 plays that have gone for 20 yards or more. They are going to need that kind of big play defense today as OU thrives on the big play.

Baylor has one of the best defenses in the Big 12 and on the road that may pose a problem for Oklahoma. The only game they have lost was against another top defense in the Big 12: Kansas State.

I expect Baylor to study plenty of film from that game and develop a gameplan to slow down this Sooner offense.

Baylor Offense

Remember when we all though Oklahoma actually had a defense this year? LMAO me too!

Oklahoma is giving up over 150 YPG on the ground and that is exactly the battle Baylor needs to win this week! The easiest way to make sure OU doesn’t score is to try and keep their offense off the field as much as possible.

The best way to do that? Run the goddamn ball! Run the ball, run the ball, and keep running the ball! Baylor has 5 guys with at least 20 carries on the season and I expect them to use all of them until they find the hot hand.

Baylor averages 180 YPG on the ground, but I think they will need to get to at least 200 in order to have a shot at winning this game.

They are also going to need a TO free game from their QB Charlie Brewer. Baylor is one of the best in the country in terms of TO margin, and Oklahoma is on the opposite end of that spectrum. The Sooners have been prone to turn the ball over this year and Baylor needs to take advantage of that!

Hurt’s is not throwing many picks this year, but a lot of the Sooners have been fumble happy this year. Baylor needs to go after the ball when making tackles knowing that OU has lost almost a fumble per game.

The Baylor OL is also going to need to be on top of their shit today as OU is averaging almost 3 sacks per game. Protection is going to be huge for winning the TO battle.

This is the biggest game that Baylor has played since the Art Briles bullshit a while back. I expect the crowd to be fucking crazy, and the entire atmosphere is going to be electric!

Give me Baylor in the upset!

Baylor 37 Oklahoma 31

Baylor will get a big stop towards the end of the 4th quarter to save the game! Offense dominates most of the game, but in the end defense will prevail!

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