Of Course Gerrit Cole Signed With the Yankees

The Yankees have always been known as the evil empire for a reason. They are attached to every single big name free agent every single year. Whether or not they sign anyone is irrelevant. They are always in the running to get the biggest names. Why?

They are willing to spend the fucking money!

They just signed Gerrit Cole to a record $324M deal over 9 years. For those who don’t want to do the math that is 36 Million dollars per year. That is fucking insane!

Steep Price?

That is quite a bit of money to hand over to a 29 year old pitcher. People are saying that this has disaster has written all over it. Well let me put this out there.

If the Yankees win even just 1 World Series during the life of this contract, it is worth every fucking penny! If they win the 2020 WS who gives a shit if Cole misses two full seasons later in his career. The Yankees are always willing to spend the money they have. Because of that, no contract really ever turns into a disaster.

If Cole doesn’t work out they will just find another star pitcher to sign in 2-3 years. It is just how the Yankees operate.


The biggest takeaway from this for me is that the 2nd best pitcher in NY is making $200M more than the best pitcher in NY. Jacob deGrom is the biggest bargain in all of sports and the Mets cannot waste his contract.

Cole on the other hand will most likely never be as good as he was last season, but if the Yanks can get 75% of that, he will be their best player.

I put out an article a couple of weeks ago about the Yankees being my best bet for 2020. If you didn’t jump on that at 6-1 then, well I don’t know what the fuck to tell you because they are certain to be the favorites after this.

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