Hiatus is Over-NFL Wild Card Saturday Predictions

I am back people! After having some motivational issues, I remembered just why I started this blog. I fucking love sports and that is why I started writing about it. I got a little bit ahead of myself and was starting to get down on myself after a while. After a few weeks off I am back and I am ready to get things rolling again!

As most of you know, the NFL Playoffs will get under way this weekend with a couple of really good games! I am going to type up a small preview and give my prediction on what will happen in the games.

Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans-Saturday at 3:35 CT

Death, taxes, and the Houston Texans playing on Saturday afternoon on Wild Card weekend. Since 2011 the Houston Texans have made the playoffs 6 times. All 6 times they have played on Saturday on Wild Card weekend. They have won 3 of those games (2011, 2012, 2016) and went on to lose in the Divisional Round each year.

This year they face a Buffalo Bills team who shocked everyone this year by finishing 10-6 and almost stealing the AFC East from the Patriots. Led by Deshaun Watson, Deandre Hopkins, and Carlos Hyde, the Texans are looking to get back to the Divisional Round for the first time in 3 years.

The Bills on the other hand have been led by one of the best defenses in the league this year. They are third in the league in yards allowed per game, and second in the league in points allowed per game. They have a top 2 cornerback in football in Tre’Davious White and he was a key factor in this team allowing the third worst QB rating in the league.

Deandre Hopkins and Tre'Davious White will match up in a must see showdown this week.

This Bills team reminds me A LOT of the 2010 New York Jets. The offense is led by an unproven 2nd year QB (Josh Allen) just as the Jets offense was (Mark Sanchez). The defense feeds off of their best player who is a cornerback (Tre’Davious White for Buffalo and Darrelle Revis for New York). A defense that is top 5 in the league in most statistical categories carried both teams to 10 win seasons.

The Jets went on to lose to the Steelers in the AFC Championship Game that year. I can see the Bills making a similar run.

In this matchup White will shadow Hopkins and the DL for the Bills will get just enough pressure on Watson to force one too many mistakes. Josh Allen makes just enough plays and Devin Singletary goes over 100 yards in his first career playoff game.

Bills 20 Texans 16

Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots-Saturday at 7:15 CT

In primetime on Saturday comes probably the two stories of the year in the NFL. The Patriots top ranked defense and anemic offense against the league’s top rated passer and rushing title winner, Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry.

Starting in Week 1 it looked like the Patriots defense would be one of the best in the league. What we didn’t know for about half the season was just how bad the Pats offense was. Tom Brady’s decline was a freefall as he was the 23rd highest rated passer in the league this year (among 32 starters).

Stephon Gilmore led the league in interceptions this year.

The Patriots have been carried by the top overall defense in the league. Led by stud cornerback Stephon Gilmore the Pats led the league in interceptions with 25, and touchdowns allowed with only 13. They were top 10 in pretty much every other category as well. Regardless of the competition they played, this Patriots defense was great and it will be the key to another Super Bowl run.

The Titans on the other hand looked to be heading to another disappointing season after a 2-4 start. Then everything changed. After an embarrassing 16-0 loss to the Broncos, Mike Vrabel made the change from “franchise QB” Marcus Mariota to former first round pick Ryan Tannehill. Many people questioned the move, including myself, but Tannehill made Vrabel look like a fucking genius! Free from Adam Gase, Tannehill was the highest rated passer in the league over Titans’ last 10 games.

Ryan Tannehill was the league's highest rated QB amongst starters.

On top of Tannehill playing out of his god damn mind, Derrick Henry continued to play the role of human bulldozer. Henry capped off a ridiculous season by rushing for 211 yards in Week 17 and winning the rushing title. Those 2 along with breakout rookie WR AJ Brown, the Titans will give the Patriots everything they have. It just won’t be enough. The Patriots defense will prove too much. The Titans will keep it close but experience will prevail.

Patriots 24 Titans 20

Check back tomorrow for Sunday’s predictions. It’s going to be a wild weekend!

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